About Sherwood High

Where and what is Sherwood High?
What makes Sherwood High stand apart?
What is the student to teacher ratio?
What are the safety measures in place?
What is your admission process?


What transport facilities does the school offer?
What are the sports facilities on campus?
What are the swimming facilities on campus?
What are the events and other activities during the Academic year?
What are the medical emergency facilities you have in place?
What is the “Convenience Care Facility” you have?

Where and what is Sherwood High?
Sherwood High is a world class educational institution located on the arterial Bannerghatta Road. It is currently offering education up to Grade X under the ICSE syllabus. The campus is spread over a 5 acre property and houses a two-level library, a swimming pool, courts for football, basketball, throw ball, badminton and more .

What makes Sherwood High stand apart?
At Sherwood High, we believe that self-exploration is the best approach to education. We allow curious minds to search for answers and aid them through the process. Our system of teaching allows children to discover the world as it evolves around them. It helps them take this new knowledge and adapt it to their needs. We also help children tap into their inner genius with a range of extra-curricular activities.

What is the student to teacher ratio?
All our classes cap out at 35 students . We ensure that the classes are airy, bright and that the furniture is child-friendly. There are a wide range of facilities that teachers employ to help with the teaching process.

What safety measures are in place?

  1. Sexual Harassment Committee (SHC). This committee comprising of Vice- Principal, Director Administration, School Counsellor, 3 Fathers, 3 Mothers and 3 Teachers has been formed and will meet once in two months. However if a complaint is received from any parent the Committee will meet within 24hours of receipt of the complaint.
  2. Child Protection Committee (CPC). This Committee comprising of Principal, Director Administration, School Counsellor, , 3 Fathers, 3 Mothers and 3 Teachers same has been formed to review all security and safety measures of the school. The committee will meet once in 3months.
  3. Lady Helper in the bus. A lady helper has been earmarked for all the buses. Teachers also travel in some of the buses. In case a lady helper is not present due to leave of absence an attempt will be made to try and provide a relief, though this may not be possible at all times. Parent volunteers are welcome.
  4. Police verification. Police verification is being done for 100% male staff and complete Support Staff of the school. The process has commenced.
  5. CCTV and RFID. The school has installed CCTV in all common areas and also at the swimming pool. RFID also available for those opting for it. Parents interested can contact the vendor.
  6. CCTV in School Buses. This proposal is being examined though the costs seem to be excessive. We will discuss this matter further with the CPC.
  7. Good Touch/Bad Touch. This has been done and will be continuous process. Parents are however the best people to explain this aspect to children and must do this on a regular basis. Our Counsellor and a child psychologist (Parent) will be assisting in this.
  8. Female Staff for PT and Swimming classes when girls are present. This practice has been in vogue and has been further emphasized.
  9. Identification badges for Staff. 100% staff, both teaching and non teaching staff has been issued with ID cards.
  10. Authority Letter for Child Pick Up. This Authority Letter with the photograph of the child is being formulated and will be sent to parents for signature. Children will NOT be handed over by the bus staff or to the private transport collectors without production of this letter. Do Note that it is imperative that parents inform the school and Transport Coordinator if the authority Letter is lost/misplaced. Should the Authority letter be misplaced or lost and a new one be desired, parents will be charged Rs 100/- for the duplicate one.
  11. Security personnel at the Main Gates. The Security at the main Gates have been briefed and will exercise utmost caution before permitting any person into the school premises.
  12. Women Security Staff. We women receptionists cum security executive at the receptions of building Nos 2 and 3 as well. They will ensure that no one will permitted into the building without due authority.
  13. Vigilance Duty Officers. A Duty roster has been prepared for the Vigilance Duty Officers for Vigilance duties everyday.
  14. Emergency Evacuation Drill. This drill has been executed last month and will be repeated during the year so that the staff and children are aware of actions to be taken if a building is to be evacuated for any emergency.
  15. Corporal Punishment. Corporal punishment has been banned in Sherwood High since the schools inception.

What is your admission process?
Our school website is your first glimpse into our campus and our method of functioning. You may then enquire via telephone, at our reception, on the dates for applications and clarify any other doubts that you may have. You may then visit our Admissions Executive who will guide you through the academic course and the other activities on offer in the school. Following which you may pick up applications from our finance department.

“Please visit us with prior appointment between 9.00 am to 3.00 pm any day from Monday to Friday and on Saturday between 9.00 am to 11.30 am. The admission office will give detailed information about the school, methodology, facilities, fee structure and guide you with the admission procedure followed by a campus tour.

  • Original Birth Certificate
  • 4 passport size snaps of the child and one each of the parent
  • Health certificate from a Paediatrician
  • Transfer Certificate – Grade 2 and upwards
  • Report Card – Grade 1 and upwards
  • Residential permit / Visa copy / Passport copy (foreign students)

(The above mentioned documents are necessary at the time of admission). The Application Form can be collected from the office or downloaded online. You can visit the campus and have an interactive session with us between 8.30am to 3.00pm on weekdays and 9.00am to 1.00pm on Saturdays with a prior appointment

What transport facilities does the school offer?Sherwood High covers 38 routes in a 15km radius. All buses at Sherwood High are of the high-tech variety. They are equipped with GPS mapping to help track vehicular movement. A student RFID system is also in place which can be availed at extra cost by contacting the service provider directly. Every one of our buses has an experienced driver, a conductor and a governess on board to help children and to ensure they have a safe journey to school and back to home. Children are helped into and off the bus at all times. Attendance is taken on the bus to ensure that everyone on the route has found their way to the right bus.

What are the sports facilities on campus?
Outdoor sports at Sherwood High include Football, Throw ball, Volley ball, Basketball and Cricket. Indoor games comprise of Chess, Carrom-boards and Table Tennis. Every class has 2-3 dedicated sports periods and every child is required to choose a sport to participate in. The school has 5 dedicated sports instructors besides the personnel for swimming.

What are the swimming facilities on campus?
Boys and girls of every class have a session of swimming separately every week. Teachers of each class supervise while the two coaches are in the water with the children. 20-25 students form a batch; only 3 students enter the pool, at a time and work on drills.

Pool Dimensions

  • Length of the pool – 25 mts
  • Breadth of the pool – 10 mts
  • Depth of the pool throughout – 4.5 ft
  • A baby pool is used for the students of pre-primary sections.

Filtration process : The pool is fitted with a filtration system that works round-the-clock. The maintenance team utilizes a kit that allows them to check the levels of chlorine on a regular basis. Suction sweeping of the pool bed is done.

What are the Events and other activities during the Academic year?
Music instructors at the school train children in keyboards, drums and the acoustic guitar. The school has a band (not the brass band) that represents the school at events. Children are trained especially for shows and are taught chord progression and complete songs.

Dance too, is encouraged and the school has on board dance instructors who regularly visit the school to conduct classes.
The school has a scientifically designed Physical Education Program to ensure students benefit from the PE classes as well.
A student edition of newspaper is given to all students from Grade 3 and above to inculcate the habit of reading and be abreast on the latest happenings around them.
Bengaluru Football Club, the most prestigious football club in Bangalore conducts after school classes at the campus for interested students. This would be at an extra cost paid directly to the club.

What are the medical emergency facilities you have in place?
We, at Sherwood High understand how important it is to have medical aid close on hand in an educational institution. We have a well-equipped infirmary where first aid is administered and a nurse is on-call all through the day. The infirmary has 3 sick-beds where children may rest till they are picked up for the day. All minor cuts and wounds are tended to here. Any oral medication administered is done so only after the permission of the parents has been sought.

Any larger medical emergencies are immediately referred to nearby hospitals of Apollo or Vijayashree. Should any child require administration of medicine through the day or follow-up medication, then this is done by the school nurse only after written permission and an authorization letter provided by the parents.

Children are attended to with a great deal of love and compassion. We understand how alarming even the smallest of wounds appears to a child, when they are away from home. We take care of them with all the gentleness in the world.

What is the “Convenience Care Facility” you have?
At Sherwood High, we have several sets of siblings that study with us. School timings are staggered for various classes. We understand that it may be inconvenient to arrange for pick-ups when siblings have different sets of timings. That is why we have introduced a convenience care center where younger ones may wait comfortably till their old siblings are done with class. This is an airy space, with provisions to play, do home-work or simply relax. The center is well staffed with a governesses to ensure the children are well taken care of..

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