Our History in the making

From the inception of the school 10 years ago, Sherwood High, does not have an elaborate history to regale you with. What it does have is a story to tell – of a vision that took shape 6 years ago and which today, continues to blossom and grow in a multitude of ways.

Sherwood High is the collective dream of the Board Members of the Emmar Trust (Regd) who wanted to create an educational institution like no other. The idea was to emphasize on the various dimensions of a child’s personality and not simply emphasize on education. An emphasis on caring, respect, creativity and innovation among other traits formed the basis of the school motto – Learn-Lead-Succeed, a natural progression for a child to develop a wholly-rounded personality.

At Sherwood High, learning is an incorporation of Multiple Intelligence. Right from the start, the institution has been conscious of the quality of infrastructure it provides, the classrooms, the campus and more. Every staff member of the school has worked together, hand-in-hand with the board as a family.

The school believes that nobody should be at a disadvantage as far as education is concerned. Freeships have been set up by the school to encourage equal opportunity. This allows for the nurturing of talent in every child, irrespective of their stature.

All work in Sherwood High is inspired by the spirit of activity. Teachers go above and beyond the call of duty at all times and may even be called mentors. Recognizing talent and nurturing it has been, and always will be the foundation of Sherwood High’s relationship with its students.

We prepare our students to face a world that is evolving every day, with the right skills and mind set. Every one of our student learns to lead and succeed.

Our Vision

At Sherwood High, we see our children as future leaders. Towards this end, we instill in them the qualities of informed thinking, open-mindedness and the ability to think innovatively. We want to make our motto of ‘Learn, Lead and Succeed’ a natural progression for our students.

Our Mission

Sherwood High believes that leaders of tomorrow make no distinction of class, creed, religion and status. Our mission is to enable all students of this school to achieve personal excellence without discrimination. We will constantly work towards fostering an environment that allows students to grow and develop their inherent skills. We will do this in many ways:

Through a campus built for excellence: Spread over 5 acres of land, Sherwood High provides a campus and infrastructure that is quintessential to the holistic growth of a child. Be it academics or extra-curricular activities, the school will constantly upgrade itself to provide the best for its students.

With its handpicked faculty: Students deserve to have a hand that nurtures them. Teaching is a vocation for our faculty. We believe in working with teachers who are experts in their field and who anticipate the needs of children. Their expertise will be a constant source of confidence to the children they teach.

Through grounded personality development: At Sherwood High the aim is to help students reach their full potential. Developing dimensions of their personality such as caring, respect, and spiritual growth is what will help them become true leaders of tomorrow.

By encouraging healthy competition: We want to constantly encourage children’s participation in a range of activities – academic and extra-curricular. This will help nurture their sense of competition. It is what they will have to face in the future and we prepare them to be graceful in defeat and in success.

Our Logo

Our school emblem is a testimony to our identity. The ‘Tree of Life’ is a symbol of interconnection between all lives on this planet. No being is independent of the other. Similarly, this tree alludes to the seamless education system we provide – that of nurturing and knowledge. Beige and blue, the colours of the school are symbols of creativity and disciple. The Earth, of course symbolises the holistic learning environment that is Sherwood High, and the world that our students will inherit, with pride.

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