School Policies

Rules For Admission

  1. Students seeking admission to Pre Nursery should be three years of age on 1st June in the year of admission . The age limit for admission to higher classes of the school shall be correspondingly higher.
  2. Every student for admission must be introduced in person by his/her parents who will be responsible to the principal for his/her conduct and progress.
  3. No student shall be admitted except on an application in the prescribed form showing the date of birth etc., signed by the parent or guardian Such forms are to be obtained at the School Office
  4. Student seeking admission may need to undergo an assessment test in English, Maths and II Language (Kannada or Hindi). The day and time of such tests will be announced in advance.
  5. Records of past progress and good conduct as applicable shall be required from students before they are admitted.

NOTE: Special Emphasis

  1. Parents are not supposed to involve themselves directly or indirectly with the administration of the school. The school reserves the right to remove the names of their children from the rolls of the school if a parent indulges in such an activity.
  2. Students must line up for general assembly at 8:30 am.
  3. Latecomers will be marked absent for that particular day.
  4. Private tuitions are not advisable. There will be no private tuitions in the school.
  5. Students are to adhere strictly to the rules and regulations of the school, failing which, they will be suspended or expelled from the school.
  6. If there are any concerns / recommendations with regard to Academic or other issues the same must be communicated immediately to the Principal / Class Teacher through the School Diary or by email to

Redressal Of Grievances

Academic: Through the school diary or through a letter to the class Teacher.

Admin / Transport / Fees: By mail to

Escalation Matrix

  1. Mail to

Leave Of Absence

Students will not be permitted to avail long leave of absence during School days. If a child is ill, the class teacher should be informed about the cause of the absence.

If a child needs to avail of leave due to any exigency, a leave application should be submitted to the principal, clearly stating the reason for the leave of absence.

If a student is absent for more than three days, due to any illness, a Medical Certificate should be submitted along with the leave letter. No leave (other than illness) will be sanctioned during the Unit Test and Examinations. There will be No retest if examinations are missed. Promotions in such cases will be based on past performance.

Strict action will be taken against students who leave the school campus during school hours without the Principal’s written permission.

School Uniforms

Pre Nur, Nur & UKG

Mon to Thu: Beige and light blue Sherwood Seekers track suit

Fri : PT Uniform – House colour T Shirt with dark blue shorts/skirts


Grades I to IV

Mon, Wed and Thu

Boys: Beige shorts with light blue shirts

Girls: Beige and light blue pinafore

Tue and Fri

PT uniform – House colour T Shirt with dark blue shorts/skirts


Grades V to IX

Mon, Wed and Thu

Boys: Beige trousers with light blue shirts

Girls: Blue blouses with beige skirts

Tue and Fri

PT uniform – House Colour T Shirt with Dark blue trousers/skirts

Disciplinary Committee

In case of misconduct on the part of a student, the student will be brought before the Disciplinary Committee which consists of the Principal and two Teachers. The decision of the Disciplinary Committee will be final and binding.

Academic Terms and Vacations

The academic year commences in June and is divided into three terms:

June to September

October to December

January to April

Student must be present punctually on the re-opening day after each vacation. (This rule is very important and parents should make proper arrangements to ensure its fulfillment.) Those who come late without previous permission of the Principal shall be duly dealt with and should they be late by one week, their names will be deleted from the School Register.

Attendance on the last working day of the term (before the holidays) and before exams and tests is also compulsory.

Parental Co-operation

Parental co-operation is an essential part of running an efficient Educational institution. Parents are earnestly requested to ensure that their children/wards are regular, punctual and disciplined. Timetable should be strictly adhered to. Assignments should be completed on time & should be done by students with stress on creativity & individuality.

Parents/Guardians are requested to sign the diaries daily as required. Regular follow-up of the child’s/wards academic progress should be done with the teachers during PTM days.

Children should be well-groomed and neat at all times, Abusive language, abusive gestures/acts and other deeds of misconduct will be punished. Parents are to ensure that proper manners and conduct are taught at home In case of repeated offenders the Principal may resort to the drastic step of the issuance of a T.C

Parents/Guardians should regularly consult the school about any problem, whether academic or social, regarding their child/ward. Appointments can be made to meet the Principal or any Staff Member to discuss such matters.

Parents will not be allowed into the school campus without prior appointment during school hours. This is to ensure the safety of the children and to prevent strangers from walking into the school premises.

Illness and Isolation

Students suffering from infectious diseases will not be allowed in the school as this could lead to the outbreak of an epidemic. If a student is found to be suffering from any illness that is contagious, he/she will be sent home. Parents are requested to ensure that the period of infection is completely over before the child is sent back to school.

Transfer Certificates

Students can be withdrawn only at the end of the academic year. A clear one month’s notice has to be given to the school if the student is to be withdrawn. The TC will be Rs. 100/-. If a student is withdrawn in the middle of the academic year, the full years fee has to be paid and only then will a TC be issued.

In case of loss of Marks Card a sum of Rs.100/- will be charged for a duplicate. For the loss of the school Diary a sum of Rs. 300/- will be charged.

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