Why Choose Sherwood High?

As a parent, finding the right school for your child is perhaps one of the most important decisions you will make as a family. It is our approach to the concept of learning that makes us stand apart.

Self Exploration– Our Approach to Education: At Sherwood High, we believe in letting curious minds search for answers. As educators, we work at inspiring our children to explore the world around them. Our teachers nurture the spirit of scientific consciousness in our students and rely on alternate forms of teaching and imparting practical knowledge.

Gurukul Day: Where teaching is done under the trees on campus, to colour days, when all learning is based on a colour, we have more than a few innovative ways in which we approach education.

Learning for Tomorrow: Students in school today will retire by 2065! The education we impart today has to find relevance for them in the future. Our system of teaching allows children to discover the world as it evolves around them. It helps them take this new knowledge and adapt it to their needs. We help them learn the new, lead their peers and achieve success on their mettle.

Tapping the Inner Genius: Children hold immense potential in their formative years (Classes I to VIII). At Sherwood High, the ideal student to teacher ratio ensures that any hidden talent is brought to the fore and nurtured. Whether your child excels in sports or any other form of extra-curricular activities, Sherwood High has the facilities and the infrastructure to take it forward.

Today, with over 1700 students entrusted to our care, we believe that Sherwood High is making the right kind of difference in the lives of students. Education by inspiration is how we approach our pupils. These students are our future, one that we want to see shining on as examples for all to see.


Security and safety measures at Sherwood High

Child Safety & Security measures

There is nothing that comes before the safety and security of your child. We believe that security is an on-going process and one that evolves with each passing day. A completely fool-proof system is not a possibility but together – you the parents and us the staff at school can ensure that we do everything in our power to keep our children safe.

We at Sherwood High can provide you with the utmost assurance that your child is completely safe from the moment he or she is picked up for school, on campus and till the time they are back in your arms again. No effort is spared in this regard.

However, we encourage you to work with us on the matter of the safety for your child. While the topic of Good Touch, Bad Touch is dealt with at school, there is no better teacher than a parent. We encourage you to have this conversation with your child regularly, just as you would inculcate any other safety habit.

Take time out to spend with your child each day and talk to them about what is going on in school. Should you feel something is amiss, we advise you not to ask leading questions but rather prompt your child to speak freely. Encourage them to tell you “what happened” by keeping a calm demeanor all the time. Never take an alarmist stance while talking to your child. Should you have any concerns, you should bring this up with the school management immediately.

Steps taken by the school to provide a secure environment:

  1. Lady Helper in the bus. A lady helper has been earmarked for all the buses. Teachers also travel in some of the buses. In case a lady helper is not present due to leave of absence an attempt will be made to try and provide a relief, though this may not be possible at all times. Parent volunteers are welcome.
  2. Police verification. Police verification is being done for 100% male staff and complete Support Staff of the school. The process has commenced.
  3. CCTV and RFID. The school has installed CCTV in all common areas and also the swimming pool. RFID also available for those opting for it.
  4. Good Touch/Bad Touch. This has been done and will be continuous process. Parents are however the best people to explain this aspect to children and must do this on a regular basis. Our Counselor and a child psychologist (Parent) will be assisting in this.
  5. Female Staff for PT and Swimming classes when girls are present. This practice has been in vogue and has been further emphasized.
  6. Identification badges for Staff. 100% staff, both teaching and non teaching has been issued with ID Cards.
  7. Authority Letter for Child Pick Up:Escort Card for Child Pick Up. This Authority Letter with the photograph of the child is being formulated and will be sent to parents for signature. Children will NOT be handed over by the bus staff or to the private transport collectors without production of this letter. Do Note that it is imperative that parents inform the school and Transport Coordinator if the authority Letter is lost/misplaced. Should the Authority letter be misplaced or lost and a new one be desired, parents will be charged Rs 100/- for the duplicate one.
  8. Security at the Main Gates. The Security personnel at the main Gates have been briefed and will exercise utmost caution before permitting any person into the school premises.
  9. Women Security Staff. Women Vigilance Officers. We have women vigilance officers at all buildings. They ensure that no one gains entry into the building without due authority.
  10. Vigilance Duty Officers. A Duty roster has been prepared for the Vigilance Duty Officers for Vigilance duties everyday.
  11. Emergency Evacuation Drill. This drill will be repeated during the year so that the staff and children are aware of actions to be taken if a building is to be evacuated for any emergency.
  12. Corporal Punishment. Corporal punishment has been banned in Sherwood High since the schools inception.

At Sherwood High we encourage parent volunteers to come forward for any school activities. If you would like to become one, please mail use on principal@sherwoodhigh.com

Together, we can ensure that our children have a safe school life to cherish forever.

Child Protection Committee

This Committee comprising of Principal, Director Administration, School Counsellor, 3 Fathers, 3 Mothers and 3 Teachers, has been formed to review all security and safety measures of the school. The committee will meet once in 3 months.

Sexual Harassment Committee

Sexual Harassment Committee (SHC). This committee comprising of Vice- Principal, Director Administration, School Counsellor, 3 Fathers, 3 Mothers and 3 Teachers has been formed and will meet once in two months. However if a complaint is received from any parent the Committee will meet within 24hours of receipt of the complaint.

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