The world we live in is a fascinating and beautiful place. The Earth and all its inhabitants are part of a complex, ever changing story line that lies at the heart of physical and human Geography .

In a dynamic world, the study of Geography is increasingly important. The diversity of the subject and the interaction between the physical environment and human population is becoming even more evident with climate change and globalisation influencing our everyday lives.

To gain the wanted qualifications for students in Geography lesson is possible by planning learning situations and carrying out the teaching process according to this. Factors such as the readiness level of the students to the issues and their learning styles, the techniques and methods the teacher prefer, the teaching materials and education services that teacher use, teaching programs and curriculum are the important variables in teaching process. The careful review of the identified variables by teacher is necessary in turning the recovery of the students into behaviours.

We follow constructive Geography teaching which emphasizes the individuals to think more, to understand, and to be responsible for their own learning. A method in which students are active and teacher is a guide.

– Mitali Chakraborty, – Geography Department

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