Topics of a chapter are learnt with more interest when the students are asked to dress up and play the characters of that chapters live, in the classroom. We use PowerPoint presentations as a replacement to traditional teaching methods which induces more effectiveness and it leads to swift and intelligent learning. Vocabulary or language is learnt easier with the implementation of posters, placards and flashcards and we use these as well. Live examples add more innovation to learning. For example, to teach about the mango tree, we show a live demo of mango plant and a grown up mango tree.

Students coming to our school from abroad are given special attention towards learning Hindi by making learning simpler using various creative methods. For example, poems are taught with the combination of pictures, speech and action. Students are asked to refer to the Internet on the topics discussed in school hours. This encourages them to surf the Internet and it brings value to their learning. We motivate students to grow into confident citizens of India by virtue of activities involving patriotism, knowledge of unity in integrity, our National language, culture and festivals.

– Ms.Yogita Sethi, HOD-HINDI

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