Rather than use the traditional lecture method, we use PowerPoint presentations that incorporate pictures, effects, and sounds etc. which help the children understand concepts easily and enhance their interest. We focus on using multimedia technology as an innovative teaching and learning strategy by giving the students a multimedia project related to computers and other subjects because it is challenging and exciting.


In primary classes we tell them to observe their day-to-day life situations through which we explain the basic concepts to them. We prepare our students to face the real world by updating them with the latest know-how, by allowing them Internet usage in their practical sessions. We have group activities such as making them write small article on the latest updates.

As the computer world is moving fast with new ideas, we equip our children with logical reasoning that is needed to formulate new ideas. Towards this, we have introduced ‘C’ and BlueJ programming languages as well. Along with updating the software in the lab, the text books are also updated so our children are constantly apprised of the latest happenings.


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