Physical Education

Sports : What our children here in the cities lack today is the opportunity for outdoor play. Structured play time is an integral part of the curriculum here at Sherwood High. We have high quality infrastructure in place to ensure that students gain that competitive edge, or in the very least develop an interest in one sport or the other.

Physical Education

Outdoor sports at Sherwood High include Football, Throwball, Volley ball, Basketball and Cricket. Indoor games comprise of Chess, Caroms and Table Tennis.

Every class has 2-3 dedicated sports periods and every child is required to choose a sport to participate in. The school has 4 dedicated sports instructors beside the personnel for swimming.

Our sporting faculty keep a keen watch on students and their performance. Those with exceptional talent in a particular sport are specially coached, and go on to represent the school in various tournaments. Parents are also advised on how they may work towards enhancing the skills of their wards in a sport of the child’s choice. Regular inter-house competitions are held to encourage the spirit of sportsmanship. The school also holds an annual sports day where parents are welcome to see the abilities of their children.

Physical Eductaion

Swimming : Swimming is an essential life skill and one which we at Sherwood High take seriously. At the beginning of every year, parents receive a circular about swimming classes and are requested for consent. No child is ever forced to swim.

Boys and girls of every class have a session of swimming separately every week. Teachers of each class supervise while the two coaches are in the water with the children. There is no coercing or sudden pushes into the water to dispel fear. Simple exercises such as lunges, walking exercises, breathing under water and arm action are taken up for the younger classes.

Children are first expected to master swimming the breadth of the pool. Students that display exceptional skills in swimming are selected to represent the school in inter-school competitions.

Yoga : There is no denying the benefits of yoga. What is brilliant about this discipline is that it is ideal for everybody irrespective of age. At Sherwood High, we introduce each of our students to this ancient system of exercise and wellbeing. Students are taught by reputed instructors and are encouraged to practice the form on a regular basis.

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