School Transport System

Transporting Your Children : we strive to make the journey safe and stress free

School Transport System - Sherwood High School

A lot of memories are associated with travelling in school vans – from van lunches to antaksharis to friends from different classes getting together.

Sherwood High has put in a great deal of thought into its transportation system. It currently has a large vehicle fleet and covers 38 routes in a 15km radius. This reach is bound to expand in the coming years, based on demand.

School Transport System

All buses at Sherwood High are of the high-tech variety. They are equipped with GPS mapping to help track vehicular movement and student RFID systems, all of which have been contracted out to reputable organizations. An LCD TV and music system, along with other child-friendly systems are in place to ensure that your young one has a wonderful time coming to school and going home.

On-board systems: Transporting a large group of kids is no easy task, especially when we shoulder the responsibility of every child’s safety and comfort. Every one of our buses has an experienced driver, a conductor and a governess on board. Children are helped into and off the bus at all times. Attendance is taken on the bus to ensure that everyone on the route has found their way to the right bus.

School Transport System

An elaborate system of checks is in place when parents pick up their children personally on occasion or if a child is absent. The transport department also works in coordination with the convenience care centre on the campus to ensure siblings reach home together.

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