Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool


The school has two swimming pools – a splash pool for nursery students and another for the older children. In order to maintain water quality process like filtration, chlorination, pH level are regular checked and maintained.


Swimming Pool

Pool Dimensions

  • Length of the pool – 25 mts
  • Breadth of the pool – 10 mts
  • Depth of the pool throughout – 4.5 ft
  • A baby pool is used for the students of pre-primary sections.
Swimming Pool

Filtration process

The pool is fitted with a filtration system that works round-the-clock. The maintenance team utilizes a kit that allows them to check the levels of chlorine on a regular basis. Suction sweeping of the pool bed is done regularly.

The keys to maintaining water quality in your swimming pool include filtration, chlorination, pH level, total alkalinity (TA) and calcium hardness.

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