Vision 2020

To refine the scope of Higher Education by infusing into each of our pursuits, initiatives that will encourage intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual growth, thereby nurturing a generation of committed, knowledgeable and socially responsible citizens.

School infrastructure is important for a child’s growth

A child spends his/her maximum time in school as a student. The school infrastructure then becomes a major factor behind how a child sees the world as he/she grows up.

Infrastructural facilities


We believe that play enhances every aspect of a child’s development and learning. In fact, it is child’s window to the external world and forms the foundation of social, intellectual, physical and emotional skills that are requisite for success in school as well as life.

The very idea of including play, in required ratio with the academics, fulfills the prime objective of enriching students with creativity and thinking skills. To accomplish this, we allow students to explore different environments by providing them playfields and facilities for basketball, Cricket, Taekwondo, Swimming, etc.

Apart from giving students opportunities, we foster their level of confidence with words of appreciation along with prizes and awards at events organised in the school.


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Play area with lawn & equipment

Schools, being the second home, serve a number of purposes in a child’s life. From boosting their confidence to making them learn the importance of teamwork and socialisation, schools do it all.

Kids are sent to school considering the fact that there is an experienced hand to guide them and also a safe environment promoting growth.  We also accept the fact that infrastructure plays a budding hand in creating a favorable environment for a child’s growth.

play and recreation is crucial and a prerequisite to effective learning. Properly planned school infrastructure is an out-and-out key factor in effective teaching and learning.  This can also be an encouragement for the school faculty.

school playtime is the most active part of their day. Therefore, school playground and school playtime are vitally important to children for their fun and relaxation as well as for their good health and well-being. School playgrounds play an important role in their daily life for fulfilling their interest, development and learning needs.


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Conduct Large Scale Events
Our school promotes new avenues for the all-round development of the students. An important and critical feature of our school’s facilities in the auditorium. This grand hall has been the center stage for a number of our students who have proved their mettle in dramatics, debates, musicals and other talent shows. The auditorium has been the battle-field of several inter-school competitions and has seen hundreds of students showcase their finest talents
As a central and vital space, our school is indeed fortunate to have such a splendid auditorium. We have held award ceremonies, lectures by personalities of varied industries, one-act plays, music & theatre shows, orchestra-concerts, dance competitions and numerous other such fun-filled and exhilarating programs that encourage teamwork and pride among students.

Facilities in the Auditorium
All these lavish events demand a set of facilities and technology such that each person in this large space can clearly hear and see everything that is being presented. The physical space of the auditorium is lavish, spacious, airy and comfortable. The seating capacity is for 1200 people.


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Music Room

Music Room – Fine Tuning for Aesthetic Appreciation
Music is given prime importance as part of the school curriculum.  Our school boasts of a highly accomplished music staff and a well-equipped music room on the school campus.  Every child is encouraged and nurtured to learn at least one musical instrument starting from Class I.  This, however, is an optional subject at the Senior Secondary Level owing to the extent of the curriculum in these classes.  The school staff and management are clearly aligned in the school’s vision of having a strong and consistently recognized music program within the school.

Music Room Equipment’s
All basic musical equipments are made available to the students.  Instruments like the harmonium, tabla, sitar, sarod, congo, drums, piano, keyboard, and others are accessible for the students.  The music department is equipped with teaching students both vocal and instrumental Indian classical music.  Interested students can learn contemporary dances and songs as well as classical dances.
Staff and Curriculum
Our department of music has well-trained and well-schooled staff who are passionate and dedicated towards providing guidance to all students.  Concerted assistance is offered to students who wish to take up music as a career and the school encourages learning of both instrumental and vocal music.  Our teachers do not just teach music and instruments, they direct the students and channel their minds to understand the finesse and intricacies of music.



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