Indoor Play Area

Playing Indoors Can Be Fun Too!

Sherwood High has some world-class courts on campus for a range of games, but sometimes, for the little ones, an indoor play area can bring on a lot of smiles. Our indoor playroom is spacious and takes up with 15 children or a classroom at a time. The room has a large section covered with windows that are child-proof and that bring in ample sunlight.

Children play freely here on a range of quality rides and toys, all of which are well maintained. The room is carpeted completely with foam interlocking mats to ensure no slips or nasty bumps on those foreheads. Even the walls are lined with cushioned bumpers so that even a little rough play does not end up in tears.

From dollhouses to trucks to seesaws and more, this indoor playroom is a source of immense fun for our children.