Medical Care at Sherwood High

Well Equipped to Deal with Common Emergencies

As a school community, we know only too well how a bruised knee or a bleeding cut is sometimes just a tumble away. To deal with such common eventualities we have a well thought of medical care system in place.

The school has 2 well-equipped infirmaries where first aid can be administered. There are 2 nurses are on-call all through the day. The infirmaries are equipped with sick-beds where children may rest until they are picked up for the day. All minor cuts and wounds are tended to here. Any oral medication administered is done so only after the express permission of parents has been sought.

Any larger medical emergencies are immediately referred to the nearby hospital of Fortis. Should any child require administration of medicine through the day or follow-up medication, this is done by the school nurse only after written instructions and an authorization letter is provided by the parents.

At Sherwood High, Bangalore, we understand that when children are hurt, their first want is to be with their parents. They look for that reassurance and the security blanket that comes from empathy and passion. Which is why our medical care staff is especially gentle with students and ensures that they are soothed, not just physically but emotionally as well.