Safety & Security Measures at Sherwood High

Attenders in the bus:

An attender has been assigned for all the buses to take care of students during their travel. Teachers also travel in some of the buses. In case a lady helper is not present due to leave of absence an attempt will be made to try and provide a relief, though this may not be possible at all times. Parent volunteers are welcome.

Police verification:

Police verification is done for 100% male staff and complete Support Staff of the school.

Female Staff for PT and Swimming classes:

Female Staff for PT and Swimming classes when girls are present. This has been a standard practice at the school.

Identification badges for Staff:

All staff, both teaching, and non-teaching have been issued clear distinguishable ID cards.

Security personnel at the Main Gates:

The security at the main gates have been briefed and exercise utmost caution before permitting any person onto the school premises. We have women receptionists/security executives at the reception of all buildings as well. They ensure that no one is permitted into the building without due scrutiny.

Sherwood High School Buses,Sherwood High School Security Measures

General Security Measures

Sherwood High Integrated Learning Approach

The school has installed CCTV in all common areas and also at the swimming pool. RFID is also available for those who wish to opt for it. Parents interested can contact the school authorities.

Escort Card for Child Pick Up:

This Escort Card with the photograph of the child is given to each parent. Children will NOT be handed over by the bus staff or to the private transport collectors without production of this letter. Do note that it is imperative that parents inform the school and Transport Coordinator if the authority Letter is lost/misplaced. Should the Authority letter be misplaced or lost and a new one be desired, parents will be charged Rs 100/- for a duplicate one.

Emergency Evacuation Drill:

This drill is conducted randomly through the year so that the staff and children are aware of actions to be taken if a building is to be evacuated for any emergency.