Itihaas is an expression of the journey, the trials, the breakthroughs, and the triumphs of its people. We are doing the same with our magazine!

Sherwood Shades is a bag of surprises, unveiling the journey, the milestones, the hardships, victories, talents and proud moments, encapsulating the rich and holistic student experience of sherwoodians as an E-magazine.

Sherwood Shades is all about Sherwood and its children, showcasing our students’ year-long journey of acquiring knowledge, connecting with friends, teachers and staff, making fresh memories, having fun, keeping fit, and growing to be better all in one place!

In Sherwood Shades, we have manifested the magnificent moments of events like the Investiture ceremony, the many fun celebrations, the robust- energy filled athletic meet, and the farewell story and candid children’s works like articles, pictures and many adorable sneaks.

All of this goodness is available on our website. It is not just an E-magazine but a channel to reminiscence the untold stories, LIFE that we all cherished during the Pre-Covid days in a thrilling and exciting way.

We are sure you will enjoy this edition of Sherwood Shades as much as we did while designing it for you.