Student Safety

Vigilance Squads

These are troubling times and for parents, as well as for us, the safety and security of our children is the topmost priority. In addition to campus security measures, Sherwood High has in place Vigilance Squads – A vigilance officer is assigned two floors of a student building to ensure that children are not left unsupervised at any time. This is especially during the change-overs between classes. Students are not allowed to loiter in corridors especially during class hours. Emphasis is placed on ensuring that no child is left unattended.

Anti-Sexual Harassment Committee

At Sherwood High, a separate Anti-Sexual Harassment Committee has been created comprising of the Principal, Director of Administration, School Counsellor, 3 Fathers, 3 Mothers, and 3 Teachers and meets once in two months. However, if a complaint is received from any parent, the Committee will meet within 24 hours of receipt of the complaint. Should an incident that requires investigation arise, the committee looks into it, discusses it, comes up with solutions, and takes necessary action.