The Story of Sherwood High

One of the Best Schools in Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore

On the cusp of its 10th anniversary, we are well and truly the Sherwood High Community today. Let us give you a glimpse into what has been our story.

A decade ago, Sherwood High began with a simple vision of creating a universal school that focussed on the idea of a community that was Indian at heart, before it was anything else. It is towards this idea, that the school has blossomed into what it is today – a home away from home for its students, as well as for those, who shape the minds of these youngsters within its portals.

Rated amongst the best schools in south Bangalore, Sherwood High’s ‘Education by Inspiration’ has enhanced the identity of our students as ideal Indian citizens and inculcated universal values of peace to become a progressive citizen rooted in Indian values and global outlook.

“So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable” – Christopher Reeve.

The vision of the Board Members of the Emmar Trust (Regd), was always to create an alma mater that both, students and their parents, would be proud to be associated with. Each day, the focus is not only academic excellence in a non-stressful environment but the overall development of a child’s personality. Counted amongst the top schools in Bangalore, our students are imbued with the values of caring and respect. Their creativity and natural penchant for innovation are encouraged on a regular basis. All this, in keeping with the school motto of Learn-Lead-Succeed.

Learning at Sherwood High is the culmination of several bits of intelligence. Here is a school that believes in providing the best academic infrastructure and environment to hone young minds and give their formative years the right direction. The attention to detail is visible in every aspect of the classrooms and the campus. All the staff, teaching and non-teaching come together seamlessly to create a learning experience, unlike any other.

A true proponent of equal opportunities, free-ships and scholarships are an integral part of the education system at Sherwood High. We have always believed that the nurturing of every child and their potential should be on an equal platform, irrespective of stature.

When you interact with our teachers, you will instantly feel the spirit of dedication that they operate with. They are often known to go above and beyond with their students and that’s why we call them mentors. Always with a keen eye to recognize budding talent, our mentors form the very foundation of Sherwood High’s strong bonding with its students, while they are with us, and even once they graduate.

Book a school tour now and we wholeheartedly welcome you and your child to this wonderful community that we have nurtured.

The Sherwood High Logo

The Sherwood High school emblem embodies our identity. The ‘Tree of Life’ is symbolic of how all beings on this earth are interconnected. No one being can remain independent of the other. The tree also indicates the seamless education system that Sherwood High has created – one that nurtures while disseminating knowledge. Creativity and discipline are depicted in the colors beige and blue, also the colours of the school. And the Earth symbolizes the well-rounded educational environment that the Sherwood High community is known for. It also gives you a glimpse of the world that our students will inherit and lead in the future.

The Sherwood High Vision

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
~ Nelson Mandela


Vision 2020 is the continuous endeavour of Sherwood High management to provide quality education and world-class school infrastructure, which originated in 2010. The love and faith of parents and the dedication of our students have brought us this far.

The Sherwood High Mission

Ranked amongst the best schools near Bannerghatta road, Sherwood High aims to embody universality in its approach to its students. This, the school believes, is the hallmark of the leaders of tomorrow – all of whom approach their duties and responsibilities, personal and to society, without any discrimination. Everyone at the school works in tandem with one another to ensure that this belief is fostered among the students as they grow and learn.

Through a campus built for excellence

Spread over 5 acres of land, Sherwood High provides a campus and infrastructure that is quintessential to the holistic growth of a child. Be it academics or extra-curricular activities, the school will constantly upgrade itself to provide the best for its students.

With its handpicked faculty

Students deserve to have a hand that nurtures them. Teaching is an avocation for our faculty. We believe in working with teachers who are experts in their fields and who anticipate the needs of children. Their expertise will be a constant source of confidence to the children they teach.

Through grounded personality development

At Sherwood High the aim is to help students reach their full potential. Developing dimensions of their personality such as caring, respect, and spiritual growth is what will help them become true leaders of tomorrow.

By encouraging healthy competition

We want to constantly encourage children’s participation in a range of activities - academic and extra-curricular. This will help nurture their sense of competition. It is what they will have to face in the future and we prepare them to be graceful in defeat and in success.



As a parent, finding the right school for your child is perhaps one of the most important decisions you will make as a family. It is our approach to the concept of learning that makes us stand apart.

Self Exploration– Our Approach to Education

At Sherwood High, we believe in letting curious minds search for answers. As educators, we work at inspiring our children to explore the world around them. Our teachers nurture the spirit of scientific consciousness in our students and rely on alternate forms of teaching and imparting practical knowledge.

Learning for Tomorrow

Students in school today will retire by 2065! The education we impart today has to find relevance for them in the future. Our ICSE academic syllabus and system of teaching allows children to discover the world as it evolves around them. It helps them take this new knowledge and adapt it to their needs. We help them learn the new, lead their peers, and achieve success on their mettle.

Learning for Tomorrow

Students in school today will retire by 2065! The education we impart today has to find relevance for them in the future. Our system of teaching allows children to discover the world as it evolves around them. It helps them take this new knowledge and adapt it to their needs. We help them learn the new, lead their peers and achieve success on their mettle.

Tapping the Inner Genius

Children hold immense potential in their formative years (Classes I to VIII). At Sherwood High, the ideal student to teacher ratio ensures that any hidden talent is brought to the fore and nurtured. Whether your child excels in sports or any other form of extra-curricular activities, Sherwood High has the facilities and the infrastructure to take it forward.

Today, with over 1700 students entrusted to our care, we believe that Sherwood High is making the right kind of difference in the lives of students. Education by inspiration is how we approach our pupils. These students are our future, one that we want to see shining on as examples for all to see.

Chairman’s Message

When Sherwood High was first conceptualized and established in 2010 by the Founding Members of our Trust, it was with the intention of creating an educational hub that would be like no other. Today, we are proud to say that our institution functions on a strong base of world-class infrastructure and has an amazing team of teachers and staff with the inimitable Academic Director, Mrs. Agnes Davies at the helm.

At Sherwood High, we believe in focusing on various dimensions of growth for a child and not just academics. Learning methods in our school incorporate multiple intelligence. Step into our school and you will experience a caring atmosphere, where our teachers are more of mentors, guiding young minds, and helping them discover the world.

We believe in setting the bar high with our system of holistic learning. We believe in showing you the difference we make – Come, visit our school, walk around the campus, and interact with our staff to ease your doubts. We are sure that you will see the good hands that your children will be in, here at Sherwood High, one of the most sought after ICSE schools in Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore.

With best wishes,
Mr Mohammed Rihan Nawab,
Emmar Charitable Trust (Regd)

Board of Advisors

Sherwood High Board of Advisors Dr. SR Naina



Part of the prestigious Sophia High School since 1976 and Principal of the Sophia Opportunity School since 1992, S. Naina is also a doctor in Alternative Medicine.

Sherwood High Board of Advisors Mr. Vinay Mruthyanjaya



Vinay Mruthyanjaya, B. Com, FCA, is one of India’s most famous Chartered Accountants, having advised a lot of businesses on strategies for growth. He was also a BCCI member from Karnataka.

Sherwood High Board of Advisors Dr. Abraham Ebenezer



Founder Chairman of Ebenezer International School and retired Principal of Bishop Cotton Boys School, Bangalore. He is an eminent educationist and administrator.