The Sherwood High Academic Approach

At Sherwood High, the emphasis on academics is on quality and its ability to stimulate the naturally curious mind. We encourage our students to think and ponder on what is taught, to be vocal about their questions, and to take time out to understand concepts. We also emphasize a great deal on comfortable learning environments and ensure children have an open air class session and the like, where learning is more fun.

Sherwood High prepares its students for the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) Examination of the Delhi Board. The final examination of Standard X will have the following subjects:

Part 1 (Compulsory)
  1. English Language and Literature
  2. Second Language
  3. History, Civics, Geography
Part 2 (Any Two Subjects)
  1. Mathematics
  2. Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology)
  3. Commercial Studies
  4. Economic Studies
  5. Environmental Studies
Part 3 (Any One Subject)
  1. Economic Applications
  2. Computer Applications
  3. Physical Education

At every stage of their educational life we encourage our students to look beyond academics and simultaneously pursue avenues of intellectual and creative stimulation.

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