Grade XI

Grade XI (ISC) Admissions

As we approach the 15-year milestone, we are proud to say that the strength of our community lies in the contribution from each of its members. Another feather in our cap to celebrate this milestone will be the commencement of our ISC Program in the Academic Year 2024-25.

The courses offered at the ISC level will be as follows

* can be opted only by students opting for Commerce stream

” Kindly note, availability of the elective is subject to a minimum of 12 students opting for it “

Add on Courses (Any ONE – OPTIONAL)

Course Eligible Stream/s
University Admission
Commerce and
CA Foundation
Commerce Only

We understand how important it is for you to find the right school for your child to pursue that is precisely why the Admission Policy followed at Sherwood High is one of openness.

We encourage parents to explore our campus, our approach to the curriculum, and the facilities we have created for our students and have children witness.

Our desire to create an inclusive environment means that applications are evaluated based on individual merit as well as the parent’s and student’s comfort with what the school has to offer

Our team will be glad to take you through the admission process. We hope to make you a part of our community. Do take a look at the admission process. We have tried to keep it as hassle- free as possible.

Admission process for ISC

Step 1: The school website gives you your first insight into all that we have to offer and the way we approach learning.

Step 2: Admission inquiries can be made via the website by filling the enrollment form or in person at our reception. Rest assured we work towards clarifying any questions that you have.

Step 3: Our Admission Executive will share the application form via email.

Step 4: On successful submission of the application form, shortlisted candidates will be invited for a school tour and an interview will be conducted.

Step 5: The decision regarding admission will be conveyed via email. Candidates selected after the interview will be directed to complete the admission formalities.