Academic Programmes at Sherwood High, Bangalore

Sherwood High’s integrated approach to learning has been our core strength. We believe in strongly instilling values and imparting knowledge on a given topic through experiential learning, helping our students to connect to the real world situations they encounter. The projects and assignments are current and designed to help the learner exhibit their creative thinking and problem solving skills.

Theme-based assemblies help the students build confidence to face an audience. These assemblies are presented through speeches, drama, dance, song, role-plays, mimes, street plays based on the theme thereby creating awareness among our students.

Mega-events like the Sherwood Run, Sherwood Palette, Uniquely Themed Annual Days (like Rise for the Planet, Year of the Pulses, Celebrating the 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi), Sports Day, Science Quest, Independence Day, Children’s Day, Winter Carnival have become synonymous with Sherwood High.

Co-curricular activities like Poetry Recitation, Speech and Drama, Music, Art and Craft, Dance and Inter-House competitions in the performing arts, visual and fine arts, quizzes and literary activities are held regularly to develop the confidence and nurture the talents of our young Sherwoodians.

Field Trips and Excursions are an important part of schooling at Sherwood High. In addition to this we also have an Emotional Wellness Programme that is open to all our stakeholders and an Emotional Wellness Curriculum for our students of Grades III to X.

We understand the necessity for open and transparent communication and hence regular PTM’s are scheduled to ensure parents have an opportunity to give their feedback.

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(Grades I to V)

The primary school programme aims to bring about a comprehensive philosophy that addresses all areas of child development be it physical, social, emotional, ethical or value-based. This is the phase when the child is at the peak of exploring the things around. Our curriculum is suited to cater to the curious minds of our learners.

Oral and written language is strengthened in our curriculum through reading, recitation, dictation and creative writing which helps children retain concepts better. It also makes learning effortless and effective.

Multimodal instruction through carefully planned activities makes the learning of concepts thorough and wholesome, spurring the child’s cognitive development.

Communication skills are of paramount importance in today’s world, no matter what field a child pursues. Our scientifically designed speech and drama program helps students develop oratorical skills. It helps our students gain confidence and think on their feet.

Inter-house competitions give our students the platform to nurture and display their talents. This also helps them develop a healthy spirit of competition. Regular Art & craft, speech and drama and music classes are held to tap the creative side of our learners.

The Club activities that include Dance, Cooking and Green Fingers, helps in shaping the student holistically.

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(Grades IX and X)

Being a top-rated high school near Bannerghatta road, Sherwood High’s futuristic vision for their high school students is to nurture them so that they can become the best versions of themselves. We envision a holistic approach that gives equal importance to academics as well as developing life skills.
The Enrichment Worksheets sent on a regular basis help the students get more practice on the various subjects.

Translating students’ talents and abilities into a clear statement of goals gives them direction. A systematic schedule keeps their attention on their path. The Academic Support Program (ASP) helps the students who need a little extra encouragement and guidance to learn at their pace.

Research-based class projects, experiential group activities, seminars, and educational trips focus on acquiring new skills that are essential in moulding a student into a well-rounded versatile individual.

Career counselling sessions are organised for the students to help them understand their strengths and work towards perfecting their skills.

Students get the opportunity to develop their leadership skills through the Student Council, where students are given responsibilities to work with the senior academic team. The Student Council is elected democratically through a nomination and election process.