Life is busy, and we understand that this is especially true for parents and families. Our tasks at hand become fuller and we have other priorities that take precedence over quality family time. Some days we are so busy tending to our children’s needs that we hardly have time for a break. We have so much on our hands to take care of: cooking, washing dishes, laundering clothes, naughty behaviour to discipline, and so many other things. When you feel that your entire days centre on your children, it seems ludicrous to even think about this question, what else am I doing if not spending time with them?

What we are talking about in this blog is how much quality time you spend with your children. Quality time means giving them your undivided attention, doing what they like to do. It can be as simple as taking a few minutes every day with no other distractions in place between you.  By doing this, you are showing your children you love and care for them; this will help to keep them mentally and emotionally strong. We will be looking at the ways of spending time with your children and the benefits of it, as Sherwood High highly believes in the importance of Spending Time with Your Children.

  • Show affection:

It is important that you tell your child you love them every day, this will help your child know that you love and value them and they are important to you.

  • Schedule specific time for your child:

Connect with your child daily, be it before for school or after, during break times or before bedtime, set aside specific time for activities with your child. This can also be a family fun time where you and your partner can make use of this time together with the child, or you can take turns with your child according to your free schedules.

  • Keeping all distractions away:

When you spend time with your child, be sure to keep away from all Technology, turn on your smartphones, and avoid doing any chores or office work at this time. Avoid sending or receiving messages and calls during this time and avoid TV ad music unless it is part of the activity that you are doing.

  • Let your Child decide on what to play:

Whether they want to ride a bike, play with the toy, bake a cake, or do arts and crafts, let them choose what makes them happy and be part of that activity.

  • Spend a lot of time laughing together:

Tell a lot of jokes and laugh with your kids, as laughter is great for improving both physical and mental health

  • Parent as a friend:

This comes to play when you are dealing with teenagers. As the dynamics of the relationship turns tricky, you need to understand them from their point of view, what they are going through. At this point, you need to treat your child as a friend in order to gain their trust no matter how hard it seems. The best way to Bond with them would be to know when to step in as a parent and when to be a friend.  You need to talk to them and share your experiences about the dilemmas and the difficulties you faced growing up, the mistakes you made, and how you tried to mend your mistakes. This will help your teenager respect you and be honest, which will in turn help the bonding process.

  • Helps build Children’s self-esteem

Children whose parents take part in activities together, build a positive sense of self-worth. children feel that their parents value them, and this increases positivity and self-esteem.

  • Fostering a loving environment:

When there is love and harmony between the parents and the children, the effect resonates around you and provides a loving, reliable and happy environment.

  • Helps in developing positive behaviour and academic performance:

Kids who spend more time with their parents to get involved in risky behaviour, also spending time with them with their schoolwork or doing activities like reading to them or reading with them, will Foster an environment where your children will value education and will be more likely to perform better academically.

  • Reduces stress:

Being parents is difficult, juggling between work, personal interests, parenting and other duties can be stressful and spending time with your child can act as a stress buster, as spending time with your children helps you relax and bring out the best in you.

  • Helps in developing communication skills:

When you are spending time with your children, you’re also fostering an environment that is open for communication. As good communication is essential for your children to feel comfortable about what they speak. Just by simply asking your child how their day was, you can make a big difference in their communication skills.

  • Strengthens Family Bonds:

Families that spend time regularly and share every day activities form strong emotional ties. According to research, the families that enjoy group activities together share stronger bonding.


In our fast-paced modern day family life, it is easy to forget that simply spending time with children is so really important, in orders to assure them we care about them and will always be there for them.  Our time is one of the greatest gifts that we can give our children. As parents, we need to create and build lots of opportunities to spend time together. So no matter how busy you may be, always remember to hug your children and to tell them you love them, it will surprise you to see the kind of difference that these gestures make in the long run.

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