You might have come across many successful stories that not only characterise the joyful part or the secret formula but also the difficulties and challenges that flow through the way. The universe is made of stories, not of atoms. Unlike the other stories, let’s en route to this rifle shooter Mr. Deekshith A. S, who grew up personifying vision towards victory.

It costs nothing to dream, but amid coding an error free output we ultimately pay a lot, sometimes even beyond what we have; physically, mentally and financially.

A young talent born and brought up in a small family that constantly serves the community and values humanity was very much influenced through the acts of his father, a local cop, a mother who serves as a nurse and an aunt who is likely a social activist.

Despite being busy with their respective lives, Deekshith’s parents never left a stone unturned. They not only monitored him but also proclaimed a fabulous talent which served unlikely to the rest. They keenly observed how focused he was in all the games, however they felt a different spark that ignited them towards shooting, hence that was the very first beginning of an inborn rifle shooter.

Sports is something very inspirational for young people and based on Deekshith’s enthusiasm and commitment he soon joined the Hawkeye Academy for the beginners training which was quiet, far from his place.

Concentration comes out of a combination of confidence and hunger. Deekshith’s hunger in building eminence to his school – Sherwood High gave him enough opportunity in moulding his career and self-confidence, and to his very own country through the talent he possesses was never a so-called dream either to him or to any of his dear ones.

They say ‘the two most powerful warriors are patience and time’ and maintaining a balance between the two might tangle the rest of what comes its way! And that’s exactly what Deekshith had to tackle several times.

Traveling to the Hawkeyes Academy was one among the major difficulties that bothered Deekshith’s parents as it was far and it limited the practise time to 4 to 5 hours every day right after school. Hence traveling from one end to the other consumed a lot of time on top of which Deekshith had to maintain a healthy balance between academics and sports leaving no trace of a black mark on either side.

It hadn’t passed long when the situations favoured him hard that Deekshith had to witness some rough points creating difficulty in attaining proper training because of the lack of a transportation facility, yet he never gave up and managed practising from home. This is exactly where his determination reflects over the passing challenges.

Through the odd times he never broke on his dreams, instead took everything as nature’s blessings and swiped up the rest of the hours more likely in experimenting food, learning more about Abhinav Bindra whom he admired most in sports, watched and played football as he makes a huge fan of the Manchester United Football Club.

From the moment Deekshith started rifle shooting he realised that it produced some unique benefits related to better focus, eyesight and self-confidence.

Some situations help us unfold the best bunch of memories. It was during the state level competition where Deekshith even after putting his 100% that some part of his conscience pulled him down, making him abruptly feel that he could have done better. Deekshith’s father who accompanied him kept reminding him to believe in all the hard work and effort he had taken. It was much later that day while the result favoured him excellency with a gold medal where he realised his father was right. The happiness he received with zero expectation is priceless and is being treasured by him even today.

Pointing at the peaks of success the ultimate formula he held was few of the simplest yet dignifying methods where he never missed practising meditation or listening to music that helps him to get a better focus whenever he felt a little stressed or nervous before any national or state level match.

‘The most distinguishing features of winners are their intensity of purpose’. Rifle shooting is a dream that Deekshith took so immensely within him and that perpetually defined by the number of awards and achievements he possessed.

(a) a gold medal at the inter school competition (Seshadripuram).
(b) one gold and two silver medals at the KSRA (Karnataka State Rifle Association).
(c) a silver medal secured at the KISA state level and
(d) secured a fourth place and an all-rounder position in the U-17 KISA national level.

Well, that can’t just be an end as this soul with a zest towards rifle shooting will profoundly desire to enter the Olympics one day and till then will continue embracing all the challenges that’s set through his way.

Well, that can’t just be an end as this soul with a zest towards rifle shooting will profoundly desire to enter the Olympics one day and till then will continue embracing all the challenges that’s set through his way.

By now you might have drooled over the challenges cum positive adaptation that Deekshith had taken through his journey. Apart from rifle shooting there is something else that this young talent wishes to live with through the rest of his lives -‘ a successful entrepreneur’ and eventually there is no doubt of what he can conquer or how far he will tackle the situations to frame them rightly, ‘as success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts’.

Deekshit has shown us that at the end of the day there is no secret or fancying quick cut towards success, it is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failures. Deekshit’s dedication speaks that dropping your efforts right away is not an option; starting something repeatedly from scratch takes time, but with firm determination and strong will power, no power force can destroy what is meant for you.

Sherwood high applauds and encourages such young talent filled with dedication, zeal and hard work. Soon his name will be chanted in a stadium. We wish Deekshit all the success and encourage all to pursue their passion with dedication.

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