Nursery to Grade VIII Admissions

As we approach the 15 year milestone, we are proud to say that the strength of our community lies in the contribution from each of its members.

We understand how important it is for you to find the right school for your child and that is precisely why the Admission Policy followed at Sherwood High is one of openness.

Sherwood High Admissions Policy

We encourage parents to explore our campus, our approach to the curriculum, the facilities we have created for our students and have children witness for themselves the student life Sherwood High has to offer.

All of your questions will be handled expertly by our Admissions Team, each of whom understands the important decision you are making. Our desire to create an inclusive environment means that applications are evaluated based on individual merit as well as the parent’s and student’s comfort with what the school has to offer.

Our team will be glad to take you through the admission process. We hope to make your child a part of our 2000+ strong student community soon. Do take a look at the admission process. We have tried to keep it as hassle-free as possible.

Admission Process

Step 1

The school website gives you your first insight into all that we have to offer and the way we approach learning.

Step 2

Any admission inquiries can be made via the website or in person at our reception. Rest assured that we work towards clarifying any questions that you may have.

Step 3

Our Admissions Executive will be happy to guide you through the academic course set as well as the other activities on offer in the school.

Step 4

Take us up on a School tour of the campus to gain detailed insight into where your child will be spending a large part of his or her day.

Step 5

Our Director Academics and Principal are available for clarifications you may have.

Step 6

You can fill the form online or will be guided to the Accounts Department to collect your application form from the school.