Classrooms at Sherwood High

Well-designed spaces for children

When you visit your alma mater, the first thing you often want to see is what your classroom looks like today! For students, the classroom is the central point from which all of their interactions, activities and experiences emerge. Which is why we understand the importance of a well-designed, immersive, welcoming classroom.

Sherwood High Colourful Classrooms

At the pre-primary and primary sections, we have unique classrooms that children love coming to each morning. The walls here each are painted to convey basic concepts that are being studied. Large, colourful, and bright images of numbers, fruits, and vegetables, transport, festivals, etc come alive on the walls here. This brings a lot of life and colour into studies. And you can often hear the excitement when classes are in progress. We have also added English, Math, and EVS labs and a puppet room to our infrastructure as well. In keeping with the hands-on and activity-based approach to the ICSE academic curriculum, this has proven to be a wonderful technique of interaction.

All our classes are capped at 35 students and the classrooms ensure that each child has their own space. The rooms are bright and airy and furnished ergonomically. Placements of furniture are such that students get an unobstructed view of their teacher and vice versa. Every classroom has a designated space for group activities as well. The classrooms are equipped with a wide range of multi-media and AVS facilities that teachers employ to help with the teaching process.

Science labs are spacious and well-equipped to tap the inquisitive mind of students to develop their cognitive skills, deepen their understanding of scientific principles with a multitude of hands-on / minds-on activities, peer collaborations, and experiential learning. The proposed Stemrobo lab will nurture innovation and creativity in education where students are enabled to solve real-world problems with effective use of concepts of physics, electronics, robotics, and computer software. The puppet shows are done by teachers and are for all grades. Hand puppets, some made of chart paper, and stuffed toys are used. The prep classes use these till 12 PM, and all other grades utilize it if needed, after that. It is left to the creativity of the teachers to use these puppets.

The classrooms at Sherwood High have been created such that students will enjoy their time here the most. This makes for some wonderful memories which they can revisit, each time they visit their alma mater.