The Library at Sherwood High

Developing the Reading Habit Among Students

The library is at the heart of Sherwood, a bright airy portal to a new world. From the fantasy worlds created by Rick Riordan and JK Rowling, to the world of horror by R L Stine, to little English teas with Enid Blyton and more, the world of books for children just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Students walk in, open a book, and like magic they can direct their own learning aligned with their natural curiosity and imagination. Being one of the most sought-after schools in Bannerghatta, at Sherwood High, reading for pleasure is encouraged with our well-stocked library which currently has 6000+ books, digitally cataloged.

Unlike the clinical precision of most libraries, ours is a bright and airy place, with throw mats and bean bags along with tables and desks for community-style reading. Right from the junior classes, children are regularly brought into the library and introduced to picture books and then taught to upgrade. A teacher accompanies students and gets them used to the workings of a library.

Primary School

For students of grades 1-3, age-specific books are provided during the library hour. They are helped with their basic reading. At this stage, books are chosen for them and are usually from the perspective of entertaining and educating.

Grades 3 to 6 are when children are introduced to fiction and reference books. They are allowed to issue books out of the library for a period of one week. Students are provided guidelines to help them increase their speed of reading and their ability to concentrate and assimilate what they have read.

Middle and High School

We have noticed that students of classes 6 to 9 tend to veer more towards reference books and this is a habit we encourage as we would like them to retain their curious minds. Asking questions and having them answered through books is a wonderful habit that Sherwood High inculcates amongst its students.

Our library is a source of inspiration and knowledge for our teaching staff as well. The space is often used for reference and several new books are sourced for the teachers’ benefit. Specimen textbooks of all classes are kept on hand. The librarian constantly interacts with members of the staff to better understand their needs and stocks the library accordingly.

The library at Sherwood High is completely digitized and is constantly working towards enhancing the world of information for both its students and staff.