Co-Curricular Activities at Sherwood High

Learning Beyond the Academic Curriculum

We understand that breaking away from the monotony of everyday studying invigorates children. That is why we have a range of extra-curricular activities for them.

Colour Days: The vibrancy of childhood is always associated with the brilliance of colours. At Sherwood High, we have colour days once every month. A colour is chosen and children are to come to school in that hue. All activities for the day are around this colour. While the younger children are taught to associate the shade with various objects around them, older ones are given challenging projects surrounding the colour to get them thinking.

Debates: Today, children are an opinionated lot. We believe in channeling these opinions and helping children express themselves better. Debates are regularly conducted at an inter-house level in Hindi, English, and Kannada. A topic is chosen and children put forth their opinions, challenging and substantiating their statements.

Elocution: The best way to bring children out of their shell is before their peers. The school holds regular elocution competitions in English, Hindi, and Kannada at an inter-class level.

Calligraphy: In a bid to encourage good handwriting, calligraphy competitions are held class-wise on a regular basis. This helps children concentrate on improving their skills at writing.

Music and Melody days: These are competitions that are held class-wise on a regular basis.

A Range of Options for Students

Olympiads: Children are given the option and facilities to participate in the Olympiads

  • National Cyber Olympiad
  • International Mathematics Olympiad
  • National Science Olympiad
  • International English Olympiad

Spell Bee: Students from Sherwood High ICSE School have participated in various Spell Bee competitions and have won laurels at the National level as well.

Drawing and Painting: Students are provided opportunities to participate in drawing and painting competitions organized by Nazaria Karnataka Chitrakala Parishad and Golaka Shades.

Hindustan Scouts and Guides: Students can enroll in Hindustan Scouts and Guides from Grade 1. Scouts and Guides is a movement for the overall development of the youth in our country. Scouts and Guides work together for the physical, mental, and social development of young children and prepare them to become good citizens.