Dear Sherwoodians,

It delights us to announce the launch of the ‘Sherwood Storyboard’, where we bring to you the stories; Happy and sad, emotional and motivational, small or large alike, of our larger Sherwood High community. We would like you to share with us anything that impacts your life in any small or big way. We are sure that these true-life stories of Sherwoodians will not just inspire, connect, and keep our Sherwood High Community closely knit, but also increase the morale of our students, teachers, staff and parents during these challenging times.

Whether you are feeling….







Your space, Your Story, it’s Your Community.

Share with us something that’s making you feel happy or sad. Sherwood high community is here,waiting to hear  your story!

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    Where will my story be published?

    We will feature your story on our Facebook & Instagram pages.

    Criteria for submissions:

    1. We will be having an open date and end date for submissions every month, i.e. from the 1st to the 15th of every month.

    2. No pictures, stories or posts of any Political, religious, controversial, gender related nature will be chosen.

    3. Story board submissions are open to all students, parents & staff of Sherwood High.

    4. High quality pictures/ videos with good resolutions will be chosen.

    5. Students/Parents must provide the admission numbers. Any submission without Admission number will be rejected.


    Selection committee reserves the right to render ineligible or reject any application they determine, in sole discretion, If the contents do not match the Storyboard eligibility criteria.


    Sherwood High does not bear any responsibility in case of incorrect, wrong or misleading information provided by the respective person. The school assumes that details furnished by the Student, Teacher or Parent to be true. Sherwood High may use the details furnished including photographs on its website or other pages linked to Sherwood High.