8 ways an ICSE education will benefit your child

8 ways an ICSE education will benefit your child

A curriculum that is balanced and gives equal importance to all aspects of life holds a better promise for the development of students into more empathetic and enterprising human beings.

A school curriculum is a system of learning that sets the foundation for a lifelong journey of experiences, achievements and success. Hence, choosing the right curriculum is the key to holistic development of the child.

In order to prepare students for the challenges of the modern life, it is essential for parents to choose a curriculum that covers the widest range of human knowledge. This will allow students to have a best shot at a balanced life and a successful future.

A curriculum that is balanced and gives equal importance to all aspects of life holds a better promise for the development of students into more empathetic and enterprising human beings.

Among the many educational options that are available in India, the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) holds a certain advantage due to its comprehensive idea of education.

This, coupled with a conducive and nurturing school environment allows the children to realise their true potential.

At Sherwood High, the experience we create for our children resonates with the ideals ICSE stands for, it is a schooling experience that is Indian at heart and universal in appeal!

Here is why an ICSE education will benefit your child more than any other system:

Designed for life

The ICSE education is objective and comprehensive. It is a curriculum that is designed to prepare students for the challenges of life rather than just studying for the marks and grades.

In the ICSE schools, life is at the centre of all the learning and experiences that the students would go through, equipping students with the tools and skills to overcome all challenges of life and to thrive in different situations.


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Education is not just about crunching some numbers, mastering the laws of physics or uncovering the chemistry behind certain actions or reactions.

For the holistic development of a child, it is highly essential for the learning to be diverse and balanced, giving equal importance to all aspects of knowledge such as arts, languages and sciences.

No other system of education in India maintains this balance as much as the ICSE system does. In the ICSE system, no subject is more important than the other, this allows students to give equal attention to all aspects of knowledge and then master those subjects that they are more inclined towards.

Masters of speech

Language is central to being human, as only the human species is known to have the ability to speak. Within our ability to speak is our capability to communicate abstract ideas such as love, beauty and compassion, which no other species can do.

No other species is known to have developed an elaborate system in speech and writing. So, any balanced human educational system should have language at the heart of acquiring knowledge.

Without a certain level of mastery over at least one language, it is highly unlikely to comprehend and master other subjects of knowledge. This is the reason why language is given utmost importance in the ICSE system of education. The is the reason why you will see ICSE graduates being more effective communicators compared to others.

Balanced learning

The ICSE curriculum is not just vast and extensive, but the teaching methodology it adopts is also application-based, which the students find more relevant and relatable.

ICSE focuses as much on the text and theoretical learning as it does on socially useful productive work. In the ICSE schools, the focus is as much on learning the text as on experiential knowledge. There is more emphasis on comprehension and application of knowledge rather than just memorisation and transmission.

The method ensures greater involvement of children, which helps students internalise the knowledge more easily and retain it for a longer period.

Socially savvy

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Humans are social beings, hence any project of human development should take into consideration the nurturing of the social aspect of the children’s personalities. This will happen if education is taken beyond the confines of the classrooms.

The ICSE syllabus is vast, yet the design of the curriculum ensures that most of the work is done at school and students take home almost no academic work. This means, the learners have more time for more enriching family and social experiences. This also means they will have more quality time to pursue their interests out of school, while parents also feel less burdened and more connected with their children.

Dynamic Pedagogy

Compared to other systems that overwhelm students with their unidimensional method of instruction, ICSE focuses on preparing learners through a wide range of methods.

Interactions, experiments and experiences are at the heart of the ICSE pedagogy.

The content of the curriculum, broken down in minute details on a topic-by-topic basis, gives students better understanding and a firmer grip on the subject.

The structure of the ICSE curriculum requires students to go beyond textbooks with greater focus on experiments in the lab as well as practical experiences. This gives students hands-on understanding of the concepts learned in the classroom.

Additionally, greater importance is given to practical projects, research work and learning through group activities.

Language advantage

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The ICSE curriculum’s greater emphasis on language, especially English, sets the best foundation in communication, giving ICSE students a clear advantage over other Indian students in international language tests such as TOEFL and IELTS. This comes in handy for entry into international universities.

Global weightage

The ICSE accreditation certificate issued after completion of the Class 10 examination is not just comparable to all other nationally recognised boards, it is also accepted by most of the overseas higher institutions because it can be compared to other foreign high school diplomas.

It is specially useful, if your child wishes to pursue higher education abroad. Since it is derived from a Cambridge schooling system, the ICSE education is most suitable and adaptable to foreign universities.

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