Thinking Outside the Box: Strategies for Cultivating Creativity and Innovation

Thinking Outside the Box: Strategies for Cultivating Creativity and Innovation

Thinking Outside the Box: Strategies for Cultivating Creativity and Innovation

In this highly competitive world, qualities like innovation and creativity should be nourished from an early age. In this ever-evolving era, where you need outside-the-box thinking to excel against competitors in every field, it is essential to internalize such capabilities in kids. Children who start thinking  differently about innovation at an early age are more likely to turn into successful and creative adults. Whether you are a parent, caregiver, or teacher, it is your responsibility to introduce means to embed these desirable qualities among kids in your supervision. There are plenty of creative thinking techniques that you can opt to educate and train your kid to think outside the box. If you have no idea about such strategies, then do not worry because in this article we are going to delve into promising strategies for cultivating innovation and creativity among kids.

Strategies for Cultivating Creativity and Innovation

Here are the strategies that you can follow to ensure that the kids under your supervision grow up to be innovative thinkers and creative problem solvers.

  • Playtime with exploration: Playtime is the favorite time of most kids. You will hardly find a kid who does not like to play. You can turn this playtime into exploration which will work as an instigator of creativity. By offering kids unstructured games to play you can allow them to think in unconventional ways. Unstructured playtime helps encourage outside-the-box thinking by giving kids a chance to experiment with innovative ideas, explore their imaginative powers, and delve into what interests them. Many games can unlock the creative potential in your kids through exploration and experimentation such as jigsaw puzzles, building blocks, crossword puzzles, and creative art. These games where kids learn through trial-and-error work as a catalyst to develop innovative problem-solving and creative skills. Such playtime is essential both at homes and academic institutions where children can unleash their creative potential. As a parent, you can opt for this strategy of offering exploratory playtime to your kids at home and enrolling them at top ICSE  schools along Bannerghatta Road that offer such unconventional games to groom the children.


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  • Encourage teamwork and collaboration: To thrive in creativity in the true sense, it is essential to provide a collaborative environment to children. When children interact with others then they can learn from their diverse perspectives which can broaden their thinking horizon. Through effective communication in a team setup, children can learn to respect the viewpoints of others, share with others, learn from others, and develop creative solutions approaches. Such collaborative innovative skills are essential in this era where children need to turn into adults who can work in diverse teams. Wondering how you can encourage collaboration and teamwork? Well, it is quite simple. You can assign collaborative problem-solving tasks, and group projects, or conduct brainstorming sessions with children and allow them to express their ideas. This way you can encourage them to explore their creativity while interacting constructively with their fellows and peers. You can plan such activities as a parent by inviting other kids. For instance, you can plan a group scavenger hunt for your kid’s party where all kids can use their creative powers to complete the hunt and learn to behave in group dynamics. It is also important that you choose an educational institute that also provides such opportunities to children. Many leading schools plan such collaborative activities for kids. For instance, the Sherwood High extracurricular activities are aimed at offering kids a collaborative environment where they can share, refine their ideas, and build innovative solutions by interacting with other team members.
  • Encourage self-expression: One of the best innovative cultivation methods is to encourage self-expression in kids. Children are inherently curious and flooded with unique ideas, you just need to provide them with an outlet where they can express these ideas. The best strategy to encourage self-expression is to ask open-ended questions from children. This allows them to share their feelings, thoughts, and creative ideologies about that particular topic or question. It is important that you do not criticize their ideas, rather you should validate their expression and provide them with the confidence to express more elaborately. Every kid is unique and has a unique way of expressing themselves so you should deal with the kids according to their inherent capabilities. Some kids use words to express themselves while others use music, painting, or writing to express themselves. Do not limit the way of expression and let the kids pour their creativity through whatever means they find suitable. Of course, you can offer such opportunities to kids at home to express themselves, but it is important that their school also focuses on such exercises because kids spend considerable time in school. Sherwood High curriculum is designed in a way where educators use such strategies to give an avenue to children where they can express their unique ideas without being judged unleashing their true creativity.


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  • Learn from failure: Fostering innovation skills is not that straightforward. Creativity inherently involves risk and can lead to failure. There is a huge possibility that the kids also come up with failing ideas that can lower their morale and negatively impact their creative capabilities as they feel that they are not good enough. In such instances, you must portray that failure is a learning opportunity and teach your kids to learn from this experience and come up with better creative ideas. You need to teach your kids to take these setbacks as a learning opportunity to face the upcoming challenges. Encouraging children to keep on experimenting and learning from their mistakes provides them with the confidence needed to overcome failure and succeed in life. To make children look at failure as a learning endeavor, you should frame failure as an inevitable step toward success. Along with such constructive training at home, it is better if you choose a leading ICSE school in Bangalore that also focuses on constructively building upon failure and motivating children to incite their innovative capabilities.
  • Foster curiosity: Kids are naturally curious to explore their surroundings. Cultivating creative mindsets requires you to foster this curiosity by giving them opportunities to satisfy their You can do so by encouraging kids to ask questions instead of suppressing their innate desire to understand the world around them. You should also help them seek new experiences by taking them to museums, outdoor adventures, and nature exploration and providing them opportunities to have hands-on experiments. By offering them an opportunity to connect and engage with the outer world, you can broaden their imaginative horizon and inspire curiosity among them that leads to innovation and creativity. Whether you are a parent or an educator, you should take action to foster curiosity and lay fertile ground to unleash the inherent creativity and innovation in kids.

Offer diverse experiences and resources: Exposure to diverse ideas and experiences is essential to allow children to come up with out-of-the-box strategies. To broaden the creative horizon of kids and let them come up with innovative strategies you need to provide them with access to a diverse range of materials, books, cultures, and technology. To do so, you can plan trips to cultural places, libraries, and book fairs. The more diverse experiences you offer to the children, the broader their imaginative power will be which helps them in thinking  unconventionally. By offering exposure to such experiences and resources, you can inspire the child to think innovatively and devise creative winning strategies.


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Conclusion: To survive in this fiercely competitive era, innovation and creativity should be fostered among children at a very young age. To nourish such qualities among kids you can opt for proven strategies that can help you ingrain innovative and creative capabilities in kids. These strategies include offering playtime with exploration, encouraging collaborative teamwork, motivating them to express themselves, taking failure as a learning opportunity, fostering curiosity, and offering them diverse resources and experiences. You can adopt these strategies whether you are a parent, caregiver, or school administrator to ensure that the kids grow with abilities to think outside the box and come up with unique solutions.

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