Why is Reading important? The importance of Reading skills.

Why is Reading important? The importance of Reading skills.

Reading or the lack of it makes us who we are; it sharpens our minds and helps us stand out in the crowd

Reading makes us human! Reading is central to who we are and how we communicate.

In fact, we are the only creatures on earth who can read and, by extension, write. It is a human ability that is at the heart of all human progress.

From history and science to religion and philosophy, without our ability to read, humanity ceases to be what it is today!

There is no knowledge without reading, no development without reading, and no direction without reading.

To read is to know and grow; to read is to see and be.

Reading resonates with our inner self and gives our soul the food it requires to nourish; it reverberates the core of human nature and gives us the kind of satisfaction that is hard to find in any other activity.

Reading is a gift that helps us tap into our hidden potential and activates our inner energies. It helps us dive into the boundless ocean of our spiritual undercurrents and trigger our imagination.

Reading helps us uncover facets of our personalities that we never realised existed.

Reading opens doors to new worlds and helps you discover a reality you could never imagine.

Hence, the benefits of reading are countless. Here are some of the practical gains we can draw from reading:

Brain Gain:

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The human brain is an incredibly powerful machine, but it is only so when it is optimally utilized. Most of our brain’s abilities remain dormant if not used properly. One effective way of getting the brain to optimum performance is by reading.

Reading puts different areas of our mind to work. Since reading involves the processing of words, which helps us with comprehension.

Reading, according to recent research, can help slow cognitive degeneration and slow the rate at which our memories fade.

Memory Master

Not only does reading reduce memory fade, it actually improves memory, as reading a book involves remembering multiple things at the same time, such as the plot, characters, facts, history, etc. As our brain strives to remember all that is being read, it gets more efficient at retaining the information it processes, hence our memory gets better.

Better Thinker

Remembering and processing the information are not the only activities that reading helps the brain execute; it also improves our analytical skills and critical thinking.

Reading ensures our mind learns how to critically analyze the information that is coming in. This ability helps readers become better thinkers even in normal life. Readers are often seen to have developed a more nuanced and balanced approach to life, considering all aspects of a problem before taking a decision.

Attention Please

Focus deficit is a major issue that the modern generation is fighting with, as our internet-fed world draws our attention to a dozen things every minute. Under these circumstances, keeping our mind steadily focused on a single endeavor is a Herculean task.

Reading is the only exercise that helps us improve our focus and keep all the distractions away, while at the same time feeding us with all the positive energy required to nourish our mind and soul.

A daily reading routine of at least 15-20 minutes, especially in the morning, will help improve attention and increase our focus at work.

Word Power

Words are incredibly powerful in making our expressions effective and impressive. Using the right word at the right time is a highly coveted ability that helps us convey our ideas in a better way while making us more convincing and commanding in our daily communication.

Reading is the best way to add new words to our treasure chest of vocabulary.It not only helps us learn new words but also shows us how to use them appropriately.

Beyond comprehension

Reading improves focus

Reading transports us to a space and time beyond our own. Through printed pages, we develop the ability to zip into the past or future and walk in the shoes of diverse characters.

As books expose us to a wide range of situations, settings, and circumstances, they help us comprehend a world far beyond the reality of daily life. It makes us sensitive to realities that we may not otherwise come across. Reading adds new dimensions to our personalities and makes them well-rounded and more considerate.

Express yourself

Writing is an extension of reading. There is no reading without writing, and vice versa. They are the two sides of the same coin. A good reader is usually a good writer. Though great writing is a special gift that only a few people are naturally endowed with, but the skill can definitely be honed through regular reading. Constant reading enhances our ability to become writers; hence, reading well-written books is really important, as it unwittingly reflects in our writing.

Creative Canvas

Reading helps us tap into the sparkling world of creativity. Every word is a bundle of energy and has the potential to spark endless creativity.

Often, writers, poets, and artists begin their creative endeavors, be it a painting, a poem, or any story, with a single word. Every word holds within itself an image that triggers a stream of imagination and creativity. So, being attached to or immersed in this world would definitely rub off and enhance our ability to become more creative.

Explore the wonders

The world is filled with wonders, and we have no way to explore everything physically. Books can help us get on an endless trip of exploration and adventure. Books can be a great source of thrills and an escape from the daily mundanity of our lives. The beauty of exploring the world through reading, both factual and fictional, is that it brings to use all the imaginative power of the mind and helps us lose ourselves in another world while still remaining on that favorite armchair of ours.

Wise and wonderful

Books are the treasure troves of great gems of wisdom accumulated from time immemorial. Reading the right books, both fiction and non-fiction, can help us adopt time-tested life values. Exposing us to various characters and principles of life, books make us aware of the entire spectrum of the value system, ranging from the evil to the saintly. When confronted with confusion about which path to choose, the lessons learned in great books can come to our rescue and help us make the right choice.

Developing the reading habit.

So, now that we understand the immeasurable benefits of reading, let’s explore ways to develop this good habit in ourselves and our children.

Lead by example.

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It is critical for parents to read in order for their children to develop a reading habits. Children, by nature, adopt what they see adults do; hence, it is crucial that they see parents reading if we are looking to develop the reading habit among our children.


Bedtime stories or reading out loud from a storybook to children is vital in order to make them think that reading is an important activity. Children usually give importance to things we take seriously.

Read out loud.

Reading out loud is an important exercise to develop fluency in reading. Consistently reading out loud also helps improve the reading speed. This also helps in improving pronunciation, diction, and dialogue delivery. It also makes them confident speakers.

Visit a bookstore or library

Make a routine of taking the family to the nearest bookstore or library at least once a month. Spending time in the bookstore or library, exploring and browsing through various titles, helps wire the value of this exercise into the children’s brains. Buy or borrow books for every member of the family, depending on their interests. To develop interests among little children, getting books about their favorite cartoon characters helps.

Word games

Spending time with children playing word games or any other game involving vocabulary will encourage children to read because they will realize that reading improves their vocabulary and gives them a better chance of winning the game.

Book talk

Talking about books, discussing what you are reading, and sharing the insights or interesting tidbits from your reading, especially during family dinner, will reiterate the need to read among children.

More importantly, use this time to show your interest in what they are reading and express your excitement about their journeys and discoveries through the pages.

Happy reading and exploring!

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