Grade X 2020 ICSE results

Grade X 2020 ICSE results

“There is no secret to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure” – Colin Powell

It delights us to announce the splendid performance of our 2019-2020 batch students for securing a 100% pass result with 92% of them securing distinction in ICSE examination this year.

The students have shown a tremendous amount of hard work and determination, their remarkable efforts have borne fruits. Just like a successful footballer has a couch, our students have their teachers. Our teachers have worked round the clock to mentor and nurture our students towards the ladder of success; we show absolute gratification to our teachers with great perseverance. Every individual whose dedication has achieved this success has given our school laurels.

These are the top 10 toppers of our school we are proud to share about

1 PrajnaRanganath 98.20%
2 Riya Mehta 96.80%
3 AnubhavSaha Roy 96.20%
4 PrishaSanklecha 96.20%
5 JiyaaAmitSompura 95.80%
6 Anjali Jhanwar 94.60%
7 Neha Ramesh 94.40%
8 Ranchana Raman 94.40%
9 ShakshiPatil 94.20%
10 Chayan H Jain 94%


Sherwood High applauds our students and wishes them all the success for their future adventures.

Good Luck!!