Indoor & Outdoor Sports Program

Sherwood High, A Leading ICSE School for Sports in Bangalore

Whatever you want to do, do with full passion and work really hard towards it. Don’t look anywhere else– Virat Kohli, Cricketer

The beauty of a good game is that it teaches you so many things – hard work, teamwork, pride in victory and, sportsmanship in defeat. Each of these goes a long way in helping a young child face the challenges of life. At Sherwood High, we have a robust sports program that ensures not just physical development, but all-round ethical and mental growth as well.

At the school, we aim to create teams that will carve a name for themselves at inter-school competitions and on other wider platforms on the state and national levels, with good sportsmanship qualities. With high-quality sports and recreation infrastructure in place at the school, you can be assured that a child’s skill in one sport or the other is nurtured.

Outdoor sports at Sherwood High include Football, Throw ball, Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton, and Cricket. Each of these games has its own dedicated court, with indoor badminton courts as well. The newly introduced turf makes for professional standards of training in these games. Indoor games comprise of Chess, Caroms, and Table Tennis. Every class has 2-3 dedicated sports periods a week and it is mandatory for every child to choose a sport to be a part of. The school has 5 dedicated sports instructors as well as trained teaching staff for swimming.

Our sporting faculty ensures that they keenly observe students in judging their inclination towards particular sports. Those with exceptional talent emerging in any sport are exclusively coached, and then go on to represent the school in various tournaments. Parents are also advised on how they may work towards enhancing the skills of their children in a sport of the child’s choice. Regular inter-house competitions are held to encourage the spirit of sportsmanship. The school also holds an annual sports day where parents are welcome to cheer their children.

Regarded as one of the best schools in Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore, Sherwood High provides a platform for its sports enthusiasts to be exposed to a wide range of competitions at an inter-school level to support their learning, growth, and development. We know these experiences will provide our students with valuable life lessons and the opportunities to encounter success.