Student Council at Sherwood High

Shaping the Leaders of Tomorrow

The Student Council at Sherwood High comprises of the Head Girl and Head Boy in the Senior section. We have two councils of Senior and Junior students as Captains of the 4 schoolhouses and the vice-captains; the Sports Captain, Vice-Sports Captain, and the prefects. These leaders take on immense responsibilities all through the academic session. You will see that during school competitions they are assigned specific tasks by the mentors of their houses. These are carried out with immense attention to detail. For the assemblies and activities, they are entrusted with themes and materials and have the responsibility of encouraging classes to come forward and work together. All assistance is of course provided to them by the mentors. These students also take it on themselves to host school community events. The Student Council also oversees the general cleanliness of the school, adherence to school uniform, and discipline during school dispersal.

At Sherwood High, we look to mold leaders with quality leadership skills. With the responsibilities entrusted to them, they learn to work in teams and ensure others do too. Due recognition for skills and teamwork is encouraged all through.