10 Last Minute ICSE Exam Preparation Tips

10 Last Minute ICSE Exam Preparation Tips

The ICSE class 10 exams start this week! While it is natural to be worried and unsure since this is your first board exam, don’t let the stress get to you. Here are a few exam preparation tips to ensure you keep your cool while studying over the next month:

Relax – The most important point to keep in mind is not to panic. Panic will affect not only your studies but more importantly your health (both physical and mental). Your sleeping and eating patterns will be affected, making you physically weak.  Physical weakness in turn leads to mental exhaustion, making you unable to concentrate on your studies. It is definitely not worth putting yourself through this. So whenever you start feeling tense, set aside your books and close your eyes for a few minutes. Empty your mind of thoughts and just focus on your breathing. Once you feel a sense of calm, you can get back to your books with renewed vigour.    

Alternate between Subjects – Alternate between difficult subjects like mathematics or science and easier ones like English or Art, every couple of hours. This will ensure you pace yourself out, and your brain is not tired out with learning the difficult subjects.

Set a TimetableSet a timetable for the day and stick to it. Ensure you keep aside an hour or so for relaxation, when you can watch your favourite show, go for a walk or spend time with family.

Focus on Revision – At this stage, it should be more about revision rather than trying to cram in tough new chapters. If you have not studied a particular chapter to date, it is advisable to go through class notes or important points given by your teacher on this chapter rather than reading through entire pages. This is because taking in too much new information so close to the exam will only serve to increase your anxiety.

Reach out to your Support System – Talk to your family and friends when you are worried or have any concerns. Don’t ever feel that you have to face this alone, for your support system will always be there for you.

Avoid Social Media – Stay away from social media, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, all of it. You will have to resist checking your phone every few minutes, as this will affect your concentration. It is going to be hard on you but hang in there, for you only have one more month to go. (Related Post: Social Media Etiquettes)

Be Organised – Keep aside your Hall Ticket, pens (if you have any favourite pen this is the right time to keep it ready), pencils, required stationary, etc. This will save any last-minute confusion on the exam day.  

Follow A Healthy Diet: Avoid junk food and eating outside; these are crucial days for you and you need to be in your best health. Long hours of studying does make one hungry and many times students choose quick packaged foods to snack. Ditch them and go for something equally hassle-free but far more healthy. An apple or a banana. Dry fruits like almonds and walnuts are also great snack alternatives. Most importantly, don’t skip any meal. All three meals and midday snacks will fuel your productivity and keep you active, else fatigue will find you!

Practice Test Yourself: If you find a particular lesson tough, take up the challenge and test yourself. After your studies and revision, quickly jot down some questions from that particular lesson, set the timer and begin the test. This way, you’ll be more confident about the lesson, also will get a taste of what it is to think and write under pressure. Just prepares you to be mentally tougher.

Exercise regularly: A quick jog on the field or a soccer game with your playmates will help release all the tension and get you back to your books, all recharged. All work and no play makes Jack and you a dull one, and the last thing you want on exam day is a tired body and a nervous mind. Some fresh air will always do you good 🙂

Keep these tips in mind and you will be just fine. Remember that once you have given the exam for a particular subject, put it out of your mind and move on to preparing for the next subject. All that matters is that you give your best while preparing for and writing your exam, so here’s wishing you the very best!