10 Safety Instructions for children returning to schools after covid lockdown!

10 Safety Instructions for children returning to schools after covid lockdown!

Since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, a big question looms large regarding the effect of the covid disease on children? Few outbreaks of the virus have been reported involving children, research and data suggest that the novel coronavirus has less effect on children, and children below eighteen years of age are at low risk. It has also been reported that children who have contracted the virus have shown milder to no symptoms and the mortality rate has been very minimal. Further studies are underway to assess the risk of infection among children.

However, at Sherwood High, we believe that we need to take utmost care of our children until the covid 19 disease is completely eradicated. Children with immune-compromised disorders should be under strict vigilance all the time, especially kids with asthma and pre-existing medical conditions like diabetes and obesity.

While we are making sure to administer every possible measure, to keep our children safe within the school campus, we implore our parents to follow the guidelines laid down by the World Health Organization and the government while our children return to school after covid.

By following these simple instructions, we can further lower the chances of contracting the coronavirus among children until a safe vaccine for children is rolled out and administered to every child.

What are the Covid-19 safety measures to be followed after the reopening of the school?

1. Follow guidelines:

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With normalcy returning and children going back to school after covid 19, we may tend to relax and have a casual approach in dealing with the covid 19 pandemic. Remember that it is essential to be updated on all guidelines laid down by the WHO and government. Be sure to check new measures and studies available on credible sources which are available in the public domain. You can also ensure to take help in organizing safety measures for your children if you have someone to help.

2. Avoid get-togethers:

Yes! The world is gradually returning to normal life. Nonetheless limit organizing parties and events, however important the event is, keep a low affair, and do remember to avoid large gatherings.

3. Practice safe distance:

Maintain enough physical distance when you meet someone or when you are amidst people. Teach your children this practice and ask them to follow the same at all times, as during the covid 19 pandemic World Health Organization recommended keeping at least 6 feet of distance between yourself and other people outside your family circle. Teach your children how to keep physical distance, and make them understand the importance of using simple examples which will help them remember easily.

4. Wearing face Masks:

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During the covid 19 pandemic, one of the most important steps in containing the spread of the virus was wearing masks. It was by and large a safe way of keeping oneself protected from catching the deadly infection. Wearing masks has become the new normal and will continue to be so until the coronavirus is totally eradicated. While this also has been a topic of discussion, it has now been proven that wearing masks is very effective in fighting this or any other virus.

Wearing face masks should be a high priority particularly when meeting with someone or while travelling. Make sure your child follows these steps, and as children learn quickly, it should not be so difficult. It is similar to how children have always been told not to talk to strangers,  they should remember to wear masks while talking to others or when others speak with them.

Always provide multiple face masks to your kid, keep them labeled and unique so that the children do not mix them up with others. Also do remember not to provide overtly fancy face masks as they may get exchanged, though children love their favorite characters, so it may be a good way to encourage a child to wear a mask. Just make sure that children don’t exchange their much-loved superhero characters. Remind your children to wash their hands with soap water or hand wash liquid before and after touching their masks. Some children may not wear masks due to medical conditions and provide your child with satisfactory answers about why some children are advised not to wear masks.

5. Cleaning and disinfecting:

Always keep your children’s surroundings clean and disinfected. It is very important to make this a habit because by frequently cleaning and disinfecting your surroundings you can reduce the risk of contracting the virus manifold. Make sure you check the vehicle in which your child travels and confirm whether it is disinfected properly and regularly, while also keeping your personal vehicles sanitized always. The mediums of transportation are always vulnerable and the surfaces are more often touched by others, so be extra cautious while your children are commuting.

6. Wash hands frequently and keep clean:

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Wash your hands regularly and ask your child to wash hands frequently. Explain how important it is to keep our hands clean, and wash your and your children’s hands frequently. Remember to use any soap or hand wash liquid and wash it for at least 20 seconds, it is reported that washing our hands with soap water for about 20 seconds kills 99 percent of germs and bacteria.

7. Use of Technology:

Stay technologically savvy as there are a lot of technology-driven solutions available at your disposal. Research on all possible solutions, participate in social media groups, be in touch with your school’s social media platforms, be active! This way you are sure to be updated on the latest news and studies, you can also post your queries and get answers to all your questions.

There are an adequate number of mobile applications available for your mobile phones where you can make and create checklists and organize your routine. Maintain a planner and a calendar, and do remember to be notified and updated via alerts. Stay virtually

8. Health and Nutrition:

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One of The most important factors in fighting this pandemic is including a healthy diet in our lives. Novel coronavirus has had a great impact on people with low immunity, and people who had good immunity were showing mild or were even asymptomatic. Also, remember to take your children for regular healthcare visits and vaccinations.

Why is nutrition important for immunity?

The Human body’s first line of defense includes the skin, the lining of the digestive tract, and mucus that restricts the entry of germs into the body. There are distinctive cells in the body that have the ability to fight germs by directly attacking them or by producing antibodies.

Nutrient deficiencies can cause a lot of problems among children, it can also expose your child to infections.

Make sure your child has a healthy diet that includes a plethora of nutritious food like – fresh fruits and vegetables, essential fats and oils from fish, meat, eggs, or seeds.

Vitamin C is a vital nutrient that supports your child’s immune system, the foods which are rich in vitamin C consist of green leafy vegetables, strawberries, kiwi, and citrus fruits.

Make sure you have a healthy balanced diet for your child, also include foods that are rich in iron, this way you can safeguard your child’s immune system.

9. Mental Health of the children:

Children may find returning to school after covid a little difficult after months of learning via the internet, as children would definitely have been accustomed to it. Going back to school after covid 19, children would have to be habituated to new rules and regulations, things like maintaining physical distance, wearing masks at all times, not being able to meet and greet people like before, these things will undeniably take a toll on the mental health of children.

Focus on your child’s mental health, children are very likely to get stressed after returning to schools post the covid pandemic, lookout for signs like sadness, agitations, anger, fear, and anxiety, these are all underlying causes of stress, talk to your children and spend more time with them, help your kids in learning new things and organize physical activities and exercises.

10. Stay home if sick:

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If your child is ill or feeling sick, it is best to keep your child at home and seek medical treatment, observe the symptoms of your child, look out for these symptoms

  1. Fever
  2. Cough
  3. Nasal congestion or runny nose
  4. Fatigue
  5. Headaches
  6. Muscle aches
  7. Diarrhea
  8. Poor appetite
  9. Shortness of breath
  10. Nausea or vomiting

These symptoms are common with other flu and illnesses, it could also be another minor infection, in any case, seek medical attention from your family doctor.


After so many days of silent hallways and empty classrooms, we are delighted to welcome all our students back into our campus starting tomorrow. As the leading ICSE school in Bangalore, we have put in extensive preparation and planning into making our school completely safe, hygienic, and welcoming to all our students returning to school after covid.

We welcome our children with open hearts and just cannot wait to see you!

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