5 Amazing benefits of learning a Foreign language.

5 Amazing benefits of learning a Foreign language.

In today’s fast-paced, hyper-connected, and interdependent world, it has become increasingly beneficial to know different languages.

Globalisation has happened at such a pace and technology has made the world a global village, where mobility is facilitated and exploring new places or moving from one place to another has become increasingly easy.

So learning foreign languages is not only a wonderful benefit but perhaps the most useful real-time skill in the current world. Along with being great help during travels and adding greater advantage for studying and career prospects abroad, the acquisition of a foreign language has many other benefits as well.

Research shows that bilingualism is associated with better memory, creativity, improved mental lingual awareness, visual-spatial skills, and various other mental abilities.

Below are some of the top benefits you will get from knowing an international language and the advantages of learning a new language.

1. Easy connect:

Learning Foreign Language - Sherwood High Blog

Language is the means of communication, and one of the most phenomenal aspects of the human experience is our ability to connect with people. People in different places speak different languages, so when you learn a new language, you get the opportunity to connect with an entirely new set of people who come from another part of the world. So by learning new languages, you can communicate and connect with a wider range of people in both your professional and personal life.

So you can visit countries or call your friends from other places to stay with you, as your ability to speak their language will not only provide excellent assistance to you, but will also help build lifelong friendships. Learning languages will make you local no matter where you are, therefore, opening up your world in a literal and figurative manner.

The social benefits of learning a second language  are plenty, as when you visit a foreign place and speak to local native speakers, in their language you will be able to experience things that you may not otherwise have. For example, you will explore their unique culture with no language barrier, making new friends will be extremely easy, and you can be part of their inner communities.

As language is one of the most direct connections to other cultures, you will be able to foster a greater appreciation to cultures, traditions, religions, art, history and so on of the people associated with that language. While the understanding of other people’s culture and tradition, in turn, promotes tolerance, acceptance, and empathy. As studies show, children who study other languages are more open towards and express positive attitudes towards the cultures associated with those languages.

2. Enhanced mental abilities:

Learning Foreign Language - Enhanced Mental Abilities

Most of you would be aware of how languages are intricate and are made of systems of rules, structures and lexis. Learning a new language will help your brain cope with complexity and absorb new patterns. Cognitive thinking and problem-solving are certain key learning skills which are essential to learning new languages and endeavouring to communicate. Highly developed critical thinking skills not only boost brain power but are significantly beneficial in both professional and personal lives.

As it is said, the more the brain is used the better it functions, therefore learning new language improves memory power, as it requires not only familiarity with vocabulary and rules but it needs ability to recall and apply that knowledge every time one communicates in that language.

Apart from this, learning new languages has temporal and spatial benefits on the mind, as according to a study from Spain’s University of Pompeu Fabra, multilingual people are proven to be better observers of their surroundings and can easily spot things that are irrelevant or deceptive. For example, it helps people spot misleading information.

Language learning keeps our brain healthy and sharper for a longer duration, according to several studies with consistent results. There are other studies, like the study from the University of Chicago, according to which decision-making abilities become simple processes for multilingual people. Another Study from the Pennsylvania State University, speaks about how multilingual abilities enhance multitasking abilities as multilingual people are proficient at slipping from one language system to another, and are practiced at this demanding task which helps them multitask easily and efficiently.

3. Boosted creativity:

Learning New Language Boosts Creativity - Sherwood High blog

Learning a new language inspires creativity almost as an immediate benefit for students. According to several studies, multilingual speakers are more creative than monolingual speakers.

The process of learning a foreign language goes beyond the vocabulary, aspects of language and grammar, as it encourages students to learn, understand and imbibe the culture and tradition related to that particular language as well.

Learning a foreign language will help students think more logically, experiment with new words and phrases as, while upping their language skills, they’ll look for alternate word choices when they cannot remember the original word and so on.

Learning new language benefits skills in divergent thinking, which is the ability to identify multiple solutions to a single problem. It also enables people to indulge in vast and varied visual and audio entertainment, like listening to music, watching movies, and reading books written in different languages.

4. Advanced career opportunities:

Learning new language helps in career

In this fast changing world, knowing a foreign language can widen your career prospects in the global job market, as language skills are a significant competitive advantage which sets you apart from your monolingual peers or other colleagues.

As the world becomes more globalised and interconnected, many companies worldwide are breaking into new markets every day to expand businesses overseas, and deal with international clients to achieve a global reach. Hence, organisations are seeking professionals who can speak one or more foreign languages in order to communicate seamlessly with customers in overseas markets.

The demand for bilingual professionals is rising exponentially and language skills are among the top eight skills required of all occupations, regardless of the sector or skill level. Various jobs in international trade, journalism, publishing, finance, healthcare, education, social work, tourism, translation, hospitality, outsourcing, import-export, and international businesses favour bilingual or multilingual candidates vastly. So, the benefits of learning a foreign language in career alone is enough reason for which one would learn a new language, as whatever your career aspirations may be, with added language skills, you are one step ahead of the crowd!

Apart from the career prospects involving language skills, which are infinite, the ability to speak foreign languages is unquestionably an added advantage to one’s resume, as it adds more substance to your profile and gives you a competitive edge above candidates who are not multilingual during an interview or job hunt.

5. Boosts confidence:

Sherwood hIGH blog - New Language boosts confidence.

It is obvious that confidence increases when a new skill is mastered and learning a foreign language does not differ from this. When a person first learns a language, it is understood that they make their share of mistakes while discovering or learning new languages, often in front of other people, which is a necessary part of learning. This necessary prerequisite for learning a new language also means moving out of the comfort zone. So when one makes mistakes, moves out of their comfort zone, and puts themselves out there, the upside is the amazing sense of accomplishment they feel when they finally overcome all the obstacles and can converse in that new language effectively.

The ability to hear, understand and respond or speak a foreign language will definitely boost one’s confidence, as it is an achieved milestone. This alone gives you confidence as you achieve a milestone, but you are also more confident when you’re actually interacting in the learnt language with clients, employers, or with people of that native tongue during travels or during projects or job search.

As learning a new language would assist you in increasing your confidence level, you will be among the confident people who do better, compared to individuals who are unsure of their capabilities. This can, in turn, create a significant impact on your career, growth, development and overall life.

 To conclude: 

At Sherwood high, we believe that there are immense benefits to learning a new language as we have listed in the above blog. Considering the global economy and its close knitted nature, we believe one must start learning at least one or more foreign languages.

We have French in our curriculum, which is a hugely advantageous experience that enriches our students’ education professionally and personally. Apart from this, you have the freedom to choose and learn any language under the sun and experience the various benefits discussed above. Learning a new language online is a great option, as there are unlimited options of online foreign language programs and free foreign language courses you can choose from

We have already listed some of the amazing advantages of learning a new language on our blog. Now you are aware of the various reasons why learning a foreign language is important, and clearly understand the many benefits you can experience by learning new languages, and it is up to our students and parents to further make their effort in this area.

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