Fun Activities to enjoy over the weekend

Fun family activities for children to enjoy over the weekend.

Fun family activities for children to enjoy over the weekend. 

“Fun” goes by a lot of meanings, for some, it denotes watching a movie and for some, an evening stroll could be fun. It differs from person to person. While one might call gazing at the stars fun and the other might call a long drive fun and for children playing with other kids can be fun. Let us call this phenomenon “fun time”. This holds great significance in our lives and the lives of others around us, in this era of environmental pollution, stressed lifestyle, poor health disorders, we must focus on spending quality time with people around us and have fun, this will help each and every person have a positive approach towards life and lead a stress-free life.

1. Family collage

 Ask your children to find and collect pictures during weekdays and during the weekend the entire family can create beautiful collages. It is such a good activity that the whole family gets involved, shares beautiful moments to recall pleasurable memories, and share stories and experiences, don’t miss giving it a try!

2. Go to a summer camp

While summer takes a heavy toll and scorching heat plays a spoilt sport, make sure you enroll your family for a summer camp, you can go swimming, skating, planting trees, etc…

3. Play treasure hunts

One of the all-time favorites of any kid or adult is playing treasure hunt, the game is so addictive that hardly anyone would say no to playing it, you can plan on many themes while playing a treasure hunt.

4. Science experiment

Science experiments are a favorite for all. Science experiments are not difficult but super educative. Do a quick internet search on simple science experiments and build in the volcano or a water rocket.  

5. Have a Cooking and baking class

Fun Activities for Children

Weekends can be fun and exciting when the entire family comes together to cook or bake delicious recipes, make teams and get going, have a healthy competition, make pastries, cookies, healthy snacks, and more, this activity helps children learn about teamwork and also learn about how to make beautiful things from scratch.

6. Gardening

It is a good way of spending time with the family over the weekend, spend time with your family in outdoor locations, plant flowers, small trees, and seeds, it is the best thing one can do to nature, with your whole family you can contribute in nature’s way and be proud when you see your plantations grow.

7. Go Cycling

Take your children on cycling over the weekend, early morning on a Sunday will be a good idea as you will face very minimal traffic and obstacles.

8. Watching movies

Watching movies is always fun, plan and shortlist movies to watch during the weekend, the whole family can enjoy watching classic movies together, children can learn from movies, yes! Showing them movies like the Prince of Egypt, children learn about past civilizations and get interested in knowing more about other civilizations. Watching such movies can be constructive learning.

9. Play cards

Playing cards can be both exciting and learning at the same time, children learn to anticipate the opposition’s moves and plan strategically, the whole family can play a game of cards and have fun together.

10. Visiting a library 

Like they say books are a person’s best friend, visit a library along with your family, your children will be amazed at the collection of books present in a library, you can guide your children through the collections, children will find it thrilling to read the titles and covers of the books

11. Play Board games

Take out your favorite board games and relish with your entire family, play games like monopoly, chess, or any other board games.

12. Go on a Walk

Take your children to a nearby park for a walk, you will find a lot of topics to talk to your children about while walking amidst greenery.

13. Travel to a nearby resort

Weekends can be fun especially when you go to a resort with your loved ones. Children love swimming, playing cricket and soccer, all these games can be played in any resort. Traveling to a resort over a weekend is a very good idea to take pictures of nature and beauty and also collect rocks and pebbles.

Family photoshoot – open your closet and get your best dresses out, attire yourselves and have a family photoshoot, bring out the funny side in you and have a comic and humorous family photoshoot.

14. Painting rocks 

Collect rocks and pebbles wherever you find them on your leisure trips, make your children paint the rocks colorful, and create a stone house, a rock garden, etc… Much of the collectibles can be used for decoration during parties at home, birthday celebrations or keep them as an art collection for children.

15. Make a Family tree

Every kid loves the idea of making a family tree, get the required stationary articles, and help your children in making a family tree, including the names of your children’s grandparents.

16. Drawing Session

Drawing brings out the artist in you, your children together with the family can get creative, drawing houses, landscapes, oceans and mountains can be fun and exciting, you can keep the drawings as time capsules, your children have beautiful memories as they grow up and watch their art.

17. Watching photo albums

Your family will have a great time watching old photos and remembering the memories. You can show your old photos and share the story behind that photo.

18. Playing video games 

We all remember the games we played during our childhood, play video games with your entire family, animated games and treasure hunt games can be fun and your children can enjoy playing and clearing levels one after the other.

19. Make a puzzle

Make your puzzle and spend time with your family tackling it, keep a lot of challenges in the puzzle to have a thrilling competition.

20. Fancy Dress competition

Have a fancy dress competition, make costumes of your children’s favorite superhero characters, ask your children to make fancy costumes, provide your children with stationery, art and craft materials, keep a prize for the winner, take a lot of pictures of the fancy dress competition, you can also make a theme for the competition.

21. Pizza party

What better than having a pizza party for your kids, organize a pizza party, invite your near and dear ones, ask your children to give pizza topping ideas, let your children arrange the pizza ingredients and beautifully place toppings on the pizza and see the artwork of your kids.

22. Enacting reading books

Make your children read and enact on any of the characters from a storybook, spend time with your family designate characters to every member of the family and have one person read the story and others enact.

23. Star Gazing

In a dark room place small toys and articles and keep a flashlight pointing the flashlight at the ceiling and through a kitchen colander on articles to witness stargazing and also point the flashlight through the toys to get the shadows of the toys on the walls of your room.

24. Sports Stars

Every individual has a favorite sports star and a favorite game, make your children dress like them, help your children become a cricketer, boxer, archer, etc.…

25. Indoor camping

Make a tent for camping in your living room or children’s room, get along with your children in making a tent using sheets, lighting that lamp inside the tent, and keep some snacks handy, then enjoy with your children narrating stories.

26. Play Quiz / Who wants to become a millionaire

Probably one of the best games for an entire family to play over the weekend, organize a quiz show, make your children participants, you can play the role of an anchor, involve the audience as well, have a prize set for the winner.

27. Watching clouds

Every cloud makes a shape that can be perceived as an object, ask your children to guess the shape of the cloud and find objects when you watch the clouds.

With schools shut in the wake of COVID-19, the parent’s responsibility towards keeping their children entertained, occupied, and skilled following all the norms of Covid has become essential. Children are a powerhouse of energy who are easily bored, these characteristics make it difficult for parents to keep up. Keeping children engaged and active without overuse of screens is tough (a parent can imagine). In these times the above-mentioned activities can be a sigh of relief for parents to practice at home, these activities not just help children to exercise their energy but build communication, motor, academic, and social-emotional skills.

These activities are not just to benefit children, but parents as well, as they give them a break from the daily routine and help build a strong connection with their children. What more can a child ask for more than parents spending some quality time with them? Well, now that we have reached the end of our blog don’t just sit there! Hurry! To arrange for that weekend activity!!

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