How to make children aware of The Alarming Effects of Climate Change?

How to make children aware of The Alarming Effects of Climate Change?


In simple words, climate change is the long-term change in the climate and weather of earth that will negatively impact this planet and all its inhabitants. The climate and weather do change over a certain period, but the present change is not normal. The climate is changing too quickly for the earth to adapt. If the situation continues to worsen at the same pace, human beings and other creatures will not be able to survive, and the earth will eventually collapse.

In this crisis of climate change, children are the most vulnerable. Children are the future, and they are the ones who will be impacted by climate change the most. They will bear the brunt of our actions and live with the consequences of our heedlessness.

It is important to talk to your children about climate change and its impact on our lives. It might be difficult to have a conversation on this topic, and most of us want to stay in denial, but the truth is your children are probably already listening about climate change from other sources. They will feel more worried and anxious when they hear partial information, or from sources they do not completely trust. So even though we do not want to talk about things that will worry our kids or make them sad, unfortunately, we do not have a choice when it comes to climate change.

How to make children aware of climate change?

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A lot of work needs to be done to combat the alarming effects of climate change, but action must start with knowledge and understanding of the problem. When the children are well-aware, then we can move forward to solutions.

Do your homework

Before you decide to talk to your children about climate change, it is best to educate yourself on the topic. We as adults also need to utilize the available resources and do our homework on the subject of climate change, its effects, and its solutions. Be well prepared before starting the conversation with your kids.

For children under six years

Even though some experts believe that you should start talking to your kids about climate change as early as possible, but  most people are not comfortable with the idea of talking about this subject at such a young age. 

Fortunately, there are some other things that you can do for kids of this age group. Take them out to connect them with nature. Taking them on trips once in a while to the mountains or a beach is a great idea. You can also take them outdoors for a walk and playtime as part of your regular routine. When they spend time in nature, climbing trees, seeing flowers, discovering insects, and looking at the sunsets, they will feel more connected with nature. When children have a love of nature ingrained in them, they will be more passionate about stopping climate change.

As parents, we have to teach our children the ethics of living in this society and treating nature. Instilling small habits in them like not littering, picking trash, planting and taking care of trees will go a long way.

For school-going children

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When your kids start school, it is the right time to start the conversation. However, the dialogue on the subject of climate change should keep happening after the initial conversation. When talking to children on this topic, apart from the scientific explanations, it is also important to let them see the situation from an emotional point of view. For example, let them imagine how climate change will affect their favorite animal. This way, they will be able to relate to and understand things better.

Books and documentaries

An amazing and effective way to educate children about climate change is to provide them with age-appropriate content related to climate change and its effects. There are many books on climate change for children of different age groups, as well as simple and easy guides that can help them grasp the ideas without difficulty. There are many interesting documentaries available on this subject that you should watch with your children.

Inspire Action

When children are well-aware and educated about climate change, they will want to make a difference. There are many in which they can bring a positive change and play their role in overcoming this crisis.


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Let your children volunteer for organizations working on the problem of climate change and encourage them to be a part of events and campaigns dedicated to bringing awareness to this issue. Participate together in campaigns like ‘’The Trillion Tree.’’

Sustainable lifestyle and recycling

Practice sustainable living and also incorporate it into your children’s lifestyle. Teach them about the importance of recycling by making it a fun activity. Ask them to recycle items during their playtime or art and craft sessions.

Conserve energy

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Teach your kids the importance of saving energy as much as possible. Make it a habit to turn off all the lights and other appliances when not in use and use as little as possible. Also, let them develop the habit of walking, using a bicycle, or traveling on public transport most of the time rather than using a personal vehicle.


It is necessary to educate your kids on the topic of climate change, global warming, pollution etc. However, make sure not to overwhelm your children with so much information and the severity of the problem. Children can get worried, anxious, and depressed by learning about such a problem, so it is important to give them hope. Let them know that the problem exists, but the damage can be reversed to a great degree if we all play our part and bring positive changes in our lifestyle. Show them that people are working to solve this problem and together we can save our planet. Shifting their anxiety to problem-solving and working for solutions is the best approach to handle this issue.

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