School Clubs, Projects, Fun Events, and Other Activities

“Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun”– Albert Einstein

Have you ever seen the look of wonder that crosses a young child’s face when they encounter something new? Have you heard the squeals of surprise and long drawn enunciation of wow when brought face to face with something fascinating? These sounds of wonder and awe are part of every student’s day here at Sherwood High thanks to the over 42 school clubs that we have.

From the fascinating world of literary characters to machinations of mathematics, to discovering everyday nature around us, to uncovering more of our heritage as well as getting creative with their hands – we have a series of hands-on co-curricular activities across clubs that students can be a part of. A child with a hobby is a child who is happy.

All activities are age-appropriate. While for the lower grades, activities are geared towards creating awareness of possibilities, for the older classes, activities are more hands-on, detailed with projects and fun events being organized each time. Club meet-ups are held every week.

The goal, of course, is to ensure that students are exposed to a wide range of co-curricular activities all through their academic life. Each of these activities encourages children to look beyond the obvious. We encourage our students to channel and nurture their inner creativity and bring it to the fore, providing a platform for every curious mind to find an answer. While the children may not see it right away, each of these activities in the clubs opens windows of their mind to a world that is just waiting to be discovered and interpreted in each of their own unique ways. All of this in a fun way that keeps them coming back for more.

Clubs at Sherwood High, Bangalore

Sherwood High Literary Club

Literary Club

Of course we go through everything from Shakespeare to Rick Riordan. But along with that, we also teach young ones to get over their fear of public speaking. Simple topics for impromptu speeches and debating help them hone their skills of spontaneity and thinking on their feet. Sherwood Quiz, Public Speaking, Drama, Cambridge Language Assessment Exam Club, Debate & Creative Writing are some of the activities conducted at the Literary Club.

Sherwood High Language Club

Language Clubs

Hindi and Kannada language clubs help our students to embrace their love for Indian languages. Pick and speak, folk songs and drama activities ensure to keep the club lively.

Sherwood High Math Club

Math Club

Mathematics is not just about what you learn and work out of text books. There is a lot of fun in math and that is what happens in this club. The Learning Lab is used exclusively for this and a number of interesting activities are introduced to young minds that are stimulated by mathematics.

Sherwood High Heritage Club

Heritage Club

India’s heritage is as vast as it is beautiful. And the responsibility falls on each one of us to expose our children to its wonders. This is what we do through a series of activities in the Heritage Club that introduce children to the nuances of food and clothing, dance, folk stories and more from every nook and corner of the country.

Sherwood High Science Club

Science Club

From building volcanos, to testing the mass of air, to discovering how elements react with one another, here is one club that is all about experiments and hands-on activities, helping children understand the functioning of our world.Sherwood Quiz, Introduction to Flora & Fauna, Model Making, Experimental Science, Astronomy, Sea Life & Crosswords are some of the fun activities done in the Science Club. Students at our Physics Club have inculcated the practice of critical thinking, exploring various physics theories, building mechanisms and running experiments in their club.

Sherwood High Environmental Club

Environmental Club

With cities turning to concrete jungles, young children are increasingly at a loss when it comes to enjoying the simple wonders of Nature. With a carefully planned green campus, we take the younger children outdoors and help them commune with Nature. A series of activities that often culminate in a large group task, revolve around the elements of Nature. Global warming, waste segregation and ill effects of pollution will be some of the talks you hear at this club.

Sherwood High Art and Craft Club

Art & Craft Club

A dedicated art and craft room is where children are taught different art forms – from painting and sketching to origami, to creating things out of waste and more. Topics are provided, along with materials for the creation of interesting projects. Exhibitions of thematic art creations, Vegetable Printing, canvas painting, Paper Quilling are held on a regular basis. Freehand drawing, water colour painting, mask making, Best out of Waste, Origami paper craft and popup greeting cards are some of the fascinating work taught by our talented art teachers.

Sherwood High Life Skills Club

Life Skills Club

We never know how far a child can exceed in mastering in life skills and we provide the right platform for them to learn, explore and enjoy at the Cookery, Yoga,Abacus & Sudoko clubs.

Sherwood High Music Club

Music Club

A club that nurtures musical talent; from enhancing singing talents to creating school bands. This club teaches students performance songs and equips them to stand tall at competitions. Confidence, tone management, fusing melody and rhythm, understating the genres of music, vocal exercises, musical timing and more is taught here.

Sherwood High Dance Club

Dance Club

We believe that dance is the language that the body speaks through body movements. The most fulfilling sight at Sherwood is when we see our students lose themselves in the music and enjoy themselves at the Dance Club. Free style and Indian dance forms are taught that help students to express themselves without saying a word.

Sherwood High Sports Club

Sports Clubs

Sports club provide opportunities to learn skills that help students in school, in their future and in their relationship. Swimming, Badminton, Kho-kho, Football, Cricket, Basketball, Throw Ball, Table Tennis, Chess& Carrom are some of the sport club options for our budding sport enthusiasts. Fundamental skills and game points are practiced during these clubs.Through engagement in sport, they learn leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, responsibility, self-discipline, and a sense of initiative.