Tips to reduce screen time for children.

Tips to reduce screen time for children.

Innovation excites and exhausts too!

Screen time is an existing issue and shall remain so if we delay in taking wise steps of defining it precisely to the children and society. Being a parent or adult, why do we find it difficult in controlling our kids? Reports say it’s because of the negligence of adapting explicit measures prior to prevention.

What exactly is screen time?

Screen time is referred to the amount of time one spends on smartphones, laptops, televisions, consoles or any other device with a screen. It is considered as sedentary activity, in other words being physically inactive while sitting down.

We see some steps taken to tranquil children with gadgets to get peace of mind; it does wonders but within a few days or weeks; we see the child with aggression and laziness. Some conclude the child to be untameable and increase the counselling sessions, making the child feel overwhelmed. Counselling is one way you can help your child overcome the screen addiction, other steps can be simple like education and spreading awareness; these two are among the core existing solutions every adult leans to and mostly ends up complaining.

Changes are wonderful but make sure they don’t ruin the balance of your life.

1. Educating children

2. Setting up screen time

3. Maintenance of password etc. is just the new generation remedies.

Learn to dive deeply within the problem as parents who maintain the above guidelines still witness tantrums and behavioural challenges from their kids.

Here are some natural guidelines to fight back.

1- Adaptation: despite being more mature, we snub away the goodness of innovation and embrace the harmful paths that guide us to the dead-ends forty times faster! Be the one that navigates their own routes. Monitor the usage of any gadgets with necessity. Children learn from their elders, set an example for them, and try not to be disappointing.

2- Spend Wisely: Recreate their days with those of yours, hunt out their hobbies and help them value it. Buy reading materials, colouring doodles, physical equipment’s etc. of their choice one at a time. Surprise them worthwhile. Spend time with your kids and get them engrossed in different activities which might help them travel back to their roots and vivify their drained out skills and hobbies.

3- Encourage quality time: talk together, embrace each other, share your thoughts, teach your children socialising with others and help them be friendlier. Dedicate your time, this might be difficult while you set out but will be fruitful as time flies by.

Captivate children in household chores, grocery shopping, cooking etc, give them a chance to explore everything and don’t bother about the mess, you can clean the mess together.

4- Acceptance: Never flout their boredom, stick together and spare no effort in preparing them to think over it, discover fresh ways of creativity. Some studies highlight encouraging boredom, preferably rather than pointing it as a lack of quality within one; boredom will help their brain extract effectively and perform well, which eventually leads to advanced thoughts and skills.

The state of absent mind will dig as much as it could if we allow them to work efficiently. Let the boredom explode with creativity, lest they learn life isn’t all about entertainment and at some part life gets slow and such phases of life helps us realise that quietness can feel calm if we untangle them properly.

Take a few minutes and talk to your kids, mentors or friends or anyone who examines them. Shortlist what they are bright at and embolden them so they can take it to the next level. Meanwhile, note down on what they fall behind and lead them to spend more time that might sometimes ease out the onerousness they had faced. Through this they learn how to tackle their hardships and might turn that out as one among their favourite activities.

5- Parenting: Focus on being lenient rather than a strict parent. This will help you mobilize the current nature and to never set an unanticipated control or change in your kids lifestyle. Prepare a strategy and implement an abrupt action might build gaps. Once you set the example of handing such gadgets for significant purpose, you can limit their usage wisely leading to a mutual understanding. In short be clever enough in handling your child physically and mentally.

These five measures will not only help your child burgeon but rejuvenate your parenting skills.

Sharing the problem or conducting a review session regarding screen time with friends or child psychologists will not ease it out for you until and unless parents and elders take the most challenging step against it.

Let not tangle our lifestyle with the least important stuff besides merging together and work on its actual purpose. Children are the future that we are bestowed upon to nurture and grow them with the utmost firm roots.

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